3 Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

3 Roofing Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Project

When it comes to choosing your roofer, doing your due diligence is paramount. The right contractor can ensure a hassle-free experience for your next residential roofing project. They can also avoid the following roofing mistakes:


Roofing Mistakes

Poor Workmanship

A reliable contractor knows the installation requirements of the product. Regardless of the experience, a seasoned roofer can still provide unsatisfactory work due to unfamiliarity with manufacturer regulations. This is why you need to choose a credentialed roofer. Manufacturer certifications speak of the company’s proficiency in servicing particular products. For instance, Nelson Contracting is a Master Elite™, which means we can properly install GAF asphalt roofing systems.

Inadequate Insurance

Be it minor roof repair, or full-blown re-roofing, hire someone who carries adequate insurance. If your roofer is uninsured or under-insured, you may be held liable for worker’s injuries when the incident happens in your home. In case of property damage, your homeowner’s insurance might not cover it, forcing you to pay for repairs out of your pocket. Valid insurance is one of the main reasons we earned our Master Elite status. We’ll provide you with a copy of our certificates, and we encourage you to verify their validity with our insurance carrier.

Bad Attic Ventilation

Adept contractors know that poor ventilation paves the way for ice damming and interior moisture damage. If you’re planning to buy a GAF roof, we recommend you to choose the brand’s own ridge and eave vents. A system that comprises components from the same source guarantees maximum performance. GAF accessories are designed to work with each other and contribute to the strength of the whole system.

Steer clear of avoidable mistakes and ensure the success of your next roofing project. As a Master Elite roofer in Nebraska, you can rest assured that Nelson Contracting is the best when it comes to GAF products. Call us today at (402) 374-4233 to discuss your needs and get your free estimate. We serve Lincoln, NE, and the nearby areas.