6 signs of roof problems

6 Signs That Your Roof is Trying to Tell You Something

6 signs that your roofWouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of device that instantly pinpoints roofing problems? Since there’s no such thing, however, the next best thing is familiarizing yourself with the signs of a failing roof. Knowing what these issues signify means you can address them as soon as possible – ideally before they escalate. Even a small puncture can develop into a full-scale leak in a matter of weeks.

If you believe your roof needs repair or replacing, don’t hesitate to contact Nelson Contracting. Give us a call today for a free roof inspection (402) 641-5277. Read more

Common Coverings For Flat And Low Slope Roofs

Common Coverings for Flat and Low Slope Roofs

Common Coverings For Flat And Low Slope Roofs

It’s goes without saying but, you can’t use shingles on flat or low slope roofs because they are vulnerable to leaks. However, several types of coverings can work for your flat or low slope roof. For more information about a material that can work for you, call Nelson Contracting at (402) 464-2418. Read more

Should I Consider Composite Roofing

Should I Consider Composite Roofing?

Should I Consider Composite Roofing

If you are remodeling your old roof or looking to build a new one, you will want to consider all of your options. Composite roofing can be an excellent substitute for traditional roofing materials in Nebraska. Call Nelson Contracting today at (402) 464-2418 for information about roofing installation. Read more

How To Winterize Your Home’s Roof

How to Winterize Your Home’s Roof

How To Winterize Your Home’s Roof

When winter comes in Nebraska, you need to be prepared. You don’t want your pipes to burst, your roof to collapse, or water to get inside of your house. The best way to minimize any need for future repairs on your home is to winterize your roof. For help with this process, call Nelson Contracting at (402) 464-2418. Read more

Mastic Vinyl Siding

Brand Focus: Features and Benefits of Mastic® Vinyl Siding

Mastic Vinyl Siding

There are many things to consider when choosing the right siding for your Lincoln area home. The most important of them would be the ability to resist the elements easily, last long, and provide a look that makes your home a sight to behold.

Not many brands can live up to these demands, which is why Nelson Contracting is proud to offer Mastic® vinyl siding in Lincoln, NE, the one brand that surely will. Here’s what you need to know about this premium product: Read more

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement: 4 Types of GAF® Roofing Shingles You Should Know About

Types of GAF® Roofing ShinglesWe all know someone whose roof home could use a little attention… especially their roof. When it comes to a complete re-roof, homeowners should understand their options. As a longstanding roofing company, we know and trust GAF®. Here are some of the reasons you should too:

GAF is the recognized leader in commercial and residential roofing nationwide. For over a century, the company has been manufacturing innovative products that help homeowners protect the things they treasure most.

While there are many types of roofing shingles, the shingle lines offered by GAF have changed the way local homeowners look at residential asphalt roofs. As a GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractor, Nelson Contracting offers their top-of-the-line products. Here are four shingle styles you can choose for your home: Read more

Gaf Home Remodeler

How GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler Works

When visualizing your new exterior, GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler is the only tool you need. Packed with interactive and intuitive features, everything you need to explore the brand’s extensive product selection will be right at your fingertips.

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James Hardie Home Color Tool

Find the Right Siding Color with Our Home Color Tool

Having second thoughts about a two-tone color scheme for your roof and siding?

James Hardie Home Color ToolVisualizing color combinations for your home’s exterior is not easy for some of us. Sometimes, what looks good on a pair of color swatches doesn’t necessarily look good on the final installation. Also, while some of us can perform siding repair, others are not so gifted with the ability to vividly imagine, let alone draw detailed illustrations to express what they really want. Read more

benefits Seamless Gutters

5 Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless GuttersMuch has been said about the importance of gutters to a home’s longevity.

Being an essential part of a home, your gutters in Lincoln, NE, should be reliable and should protect your home from problems associated with malfunctioning gutters and improperly routed rainwater, such as flooding, leaks, and breakage. Seamless gutters offer the perfect long-term solution and do not compromise on looks or functionality.

Top Benefits of Installing Seamless Gutters

Here are a few of the benefits of having seamless gutters: Read more

4 Things to remember when buying a new roof

VIDEO BLOG: 4 Key Things to Remember When Buying a New Roof

VIDEO BLOG: 4 Key Things to Remember When Buying a New Roof

4 Things to remember when buying a new roofYour home is your most important investment, and your roof is its first line of protection from the elements. Your roof is also a significant contributor to your home’s curb appeal, so you would want a roof that also looks good while protecting your most important investment. A replacement roof that has all these features is critical, now more than ever.

Looking for that level of quality for your roofing requires some footwork. You will just need to remember four key things: Read more