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Roof Maintenance: Why Should You Take It Seriously?

Did you know that regularly maintained roofs last 50% longer than those that only get checked when there is leakage? Scheduling routine inspections semi-annually, before, and after the most damaging season of the year can make your roof last as long as possible.

Roof maintenance doesn’t always get the credit that it deserves. Today, Nelson Contracting wants to highlight this vital service’s value. Whatever your type of roofing in Lincoln, NE, here are the reasons you’d put a premium on roof maintenance:

Discovering Red Flags Early

Having an active maintenance routine is key to keep small problems from worsening. Most roof issues only present themselves when they’re out of control. After a ravaging storm, problems may remain undiscovered, and therefore unrepaired for months, causing you to learn about them only when severe damage has already been done.

Regular inspections allow you to stay ahead of leaks and their symptoms. At Nelson Contracting, we’ll perform a thorough and honest assessment to evaluate your roof’s condition. Our team will check the usual problem areas, letting us identify issues at their early stage and perform the necessary roofing repair Lincoln, NE. In some instances a complete roof replacement is necessary.

Keeping Your Warranty Valid

Skimping on roof maintenance just because your roofing system has coverage is a cardinal sin. Most warranties would require you to perform a specific form of upkeep to preserve your roof’s structural integrity. Otherwise, they’d become void.

Saving You Thousands of Money

Roof maintenance is never a waste of money. Spending a few dollars to get your roof professionally checked would cost you less than having it replaced prematurely. Routine inspections aim to spot and fix problems before they’re too costly to deal with. Besides, you may not have to pay for the repair costs if your roof’s problem stems from situations covered by its warranty.

Give your residential roofing in Omaha, NE, or Lincoln the care it needs. Nelson Contracting provides outstanding maintenance and performs regular and storm damage repairs to restore your roof’s integrity ASAP. Call us today at (402) 374-4233 to schedule your inspection and provide you a free estimate.