DECRA High Quality Roofing

DECRA produces stone coated steel roofing systems that are designed with quality, aesthetics, and practicality in mind. Made in the U.S.A., this product aims to provide the best performance possible.

DECRA roofing products are manufactured with environmental concerns in mind, which means they are created with efforts to minimize waste and conserve natural resources. At Nelson Contracting, LLC, we are proud to offer and install DECRA roofing and shingles.

Decra Shingle

DECRA Products

DECRA provides a variety of roofing products to meet different architectural and installation requirements. Some of their products can be installed by battening, and other options are applied directly to the deck. Here are some of the DECRA roofing products available:

  • DECRA Tile -This option provides the allure and look of the popular Mediterranean Tile while also offering the lightweight properties of stone coated steel. Altogether, this product adds a special look of sophistication to your home. With its durability and quality performance record, DECRA Tile is a solid alternative option to typical tile products.
  • DECRA Shake -The richness of the classic cedar shake roofing is replicated in this product, but with the added benefit of DECRA’s stone-coated steel longevity and durability. This can be installed over a solid deck with battens, which means that it will help reduce energy consumption within your home.
  • DECRA Shingle – DECRA shingles can help you achieve the classic bold look of a heavily designed architecture shingle for a mere fraction of the actual weight. This product possesses a deep shadow from its thickly cut edges that all piece together to create an individual, stylized appearance.

Decra Shake Shingles

Benefits of DECRA Roofing

DECRA roofing doesn’t just look great – their products also have clear benefits for homeowners. Some of the benefits of DECRA roofing include:

  • Environmentally friendly – DECRA manufactures environmentally preferred products, doing their part to help homeowners reduce the environmental footprint at the end of the line. The roofing systems that produce are made of components that are completely recyclable at the end of their long product lifespan. DECRA shingles also contain around 25-30% recycled materials.
  • Simple and Efficient Installation –These roofing options offer different but all-around efficient installation methods. For example, DECRA Shingle features a special hidden fastener system, making them easier to install. There are no special tools needed to install this product, which helps reduce cost comparatively as well as speed up the process.
  • Easy to Maintain – The metal roofing by DECRA is more lightweight compared to other roofing materials and holds up well against both time and weather. Whether it is rain, wind, or snow, this product can handle it. It can also withstand the tests of time, ensuring much better longevity than a typical roof.
  • Unique Look – Whether you are looking for a Mediterranean Tile design, a rich and bold appearance, or a classic cedar shake look, DECRA roofing has the products to suit your style preferences.

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