Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Omaha, NE

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Omaha

Few things improve a roof’s appearance more than beautiful asphalt shingles. However, finding a reliable roofing company in Omaha, is often easier said than done. Fortunately, Nelson Contracting offers high-quality asphalt shingle roofing services at a price that won’t stress your budget.

Nelson Contracting is Omaha’s go-to company for professional roofing services. We’ve been helping Omaha residents install, maintain, and replace their roofs for over 25 years, ensuring quality service every time we visit a property.

 If you want your roof to be the best it can be while enhancing its visual appeal, contact Nelson Contacting for exceptional asphalt shingle roofing repair and installation in Omaha.

High-Quality Shingle Roofing in Omaha

Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your property, keeping your family safe during turbulent weather while enhancing curb appeal. That’s why it’s essential to have high-quality roof materials that can withstand the natural elements during the worst Omaha storms.

At Nelson Contracting, our asphalt shingle roofs are as appealing as they are durable. We construct each roof using the best roofing materials the industry has to offer, ensuring they withstand mother nature’s wrath without issue.

Our team has vast experience repairing and replacing all the leading types of asphalt shingles, including, but not limited to:

  • •Luxury shingles
  • Strip shingles (3-tab shingles)
  • Architectural shingles

Whether you want to install luxury shingles on your home or replace architectural shingles on commercial property, the Nelson Contracting team has the skills to get the job done.

Why Choose Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt shingles roofs are the most popular type of roof in the greater Omaha area. Their incredible durability and versatility make them the go-to choice for many Nebraska home and business owners. They protect your roof from turbulent weather, severe impacts, UV degradation, and more, ensuring your home remains safe and pristine no matter what mother nature throws its way.

1. Affordability – One of the best aspects of asphalt shingle roofs is their affordability. They are much cheaper than other leading roof types and can last up to 30 years before requiring a replacement. You won’t have to shell out a small fortune to enjoy a fantastic, durable roof, thanks to developments in asphalt shingles.

2. Appearance – Asphalt shingles also have a stunning appearance that matches nearly any property’s style. They work well with modern and traditional homes, heightening their appeal without hindering other captivating features. Installing beautiful asphalt shingles on a roof is one of the best ways to increase a property’s appearance without going over budget.

3. Easy Install – Another reason Omaha homeowners and business owners prefer asphalt shingle roofs is their ease of installation. Asphalt shingles are easy to install and don’t require numerous work days. Most experienced roofing companies can install first-class asphalt shingle roofing in less than a week, allowing you to enjoy your new asphalt roof without delay.

Contact Nelson Contracting, the best roofers in Omaha, for a free inspection and estimate!

Benefits Of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Types of Asphalt Shingles We Install

Again, asphalt shingles come in numerous variations, each carrying its own unique benefits, and understanding each type will help you decide which asphalt shingles work best for your home.

Strip Shingles

Strip shingles are the lightest and most basic asphalt variety in the roofing industry. They provide a conventional yet appealing look that’s perfect for country-style homes. Asphalt strip shingles are also incredibly affordable and will help your home look its best for years to come.

Dimensional Shingles

Dimensional shingles are thicker than strip asphalt varieties and typically last 30 years before requiring repairs or a replacement. Many homeowners find them more attractive than strip shingles and don’t mind paying extra for their enhanced allure and durability.

Luxury Shingles

Also called premium shingles, luxury asphalt shingles are the best variation on the market today. They are laminated shingles that provide superior protection and appeal while potentially lowering your energy costs. However, luxury shingles carry higher rates, making them less ideal for home and business owners on a budget.

Despite their high prices, many homeowners believe luxury shingles are worth every penny due to their exceptional durability, appeal, and lifespan.

Premium Asphalt Shingle Roofing For An Affordable Price

If you want to upgrade your home with high-quality asphalt shingle roofing, contact Nelson Contracting. We will schedule your roofing installation at a time that works best for your schedule and provide outstanding customer service along the way. Give the Nelson Contracting team a call at (402) 464-2418 and start your new roof project today!

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