New Roof No Mess

Our Pledge: New Roof, No Mess!

New roof, no mess: that’s our motto here at Nelson Contracting, the specialists in roof repair and replacement in Lincoln, Milford and Omaha NE.

There is always a lot of debris involved on tearing off an old roof. In fact, the average shingle roof weighs 7200 lbs. That’s a lot of material falling on your lawn, damaging plants and walkways, and generally messing up your property.

Not at Nelson Contracting. Instead of throwing debris such as roofing material and nails to the ground in the hopes of retrieving it all later, we use our unique “Equipter” roofing debris collection system to ensure that your lawn and landscaping remains beautiful during your new roof installation. This means there are no loose nails or shingles littering your property when we’re done with your roof replacement.

The Equipter fits in tight spaces, and can go where most trucks and roofing trailers can’t. With its wide tires, it navigates particularly well in yards with minimal tracking. The lift and rear extension features allow its container to sit over the tops of shrubs while reaching back under the roof overhang. Once it is stationed under the roof overhang, debris is pushed off the rooftop directly into the container. No massive piles of garbage on your lawn and landscaping. In a nutshell: NEW ROOF NO MESS! That’s what you get with our roofers in Nebraska.

We are proud to be southeast Nebraska’s only GAF Master Elite® “New Roof, No Mess” contractor with a state-of-the-art Equipter. This keeps your property clean and safe for people and pets once we leave. We go above and beyond what’s expected of us as roofers, consistently delivering on promises of quality service.

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To learn more about our state of the art Equipter or to get a free estimate, get in touch with your local roofing contractor, Nelson Contracting, a family owned company established in 1998, by calling 402-464-2418. We make you feel at ease and comfortable from your very first phone call about roofing in the Lincoln, NE area.

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