3 Compelling Reasons to Install a Rain Gutter System Today

Rain Gutter SystemIf you don’t currently have rain gutters on your roof, you may wonder why some homes do and others don’t. These long troughs, along with their downspouts, are your roof’s primary defense against water ponding and ice dams.

If you don’t have them up there yet, let Nelson Contracting, the top provider of seamless gutters in Lincoln, NE, gives you three good reasons why you should:

Prevent Potential Foundation Problems

Rain water and snow melt that accumulate on a roof will eventually find its way down to the ground and create ponds. After a heavy rainfall, the soil around the perimeter of your home will expand and become looser due to this moisture saturation. This can lead to weaknesses in the structure of the foundation, along with other inconveniences like cracked masonry and sticking doors.

During winter, a roof without gutters will allow for large formations of ice dams and icicles, which will create extra weight on the roof frames. Left unchecked, they can damage the roof and create water ponds on the ground as they melt.

Prevent Unsightly Stains on the Wall, Windows, and Siding

Rainwater cascading down a roof with no gutters will hit the ground with enough force to cause a muddy splashback. When it slows down, it will trickle down the side of your home, leaving behind a streak of water stains. Fully functional gutters will protect your home by channeling the water away from these areas.

Protect the Landscaping

Plants, flowers, mulch, and soil located beneath the drip line of a roof without gutters will suffer any heavy runoff from a storm.

Let Nelson Contracting install your new seamless aluminum gutter system today. We offer each unit with an integral leaf cover for protection against leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris. We are also the company to contact for gutter repair in Lincoln, NE, and its nearby areas.

Give us a call at (402) 464-2418 to learn more about what our gutter services can do for your home. You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.


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