5 Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless GuttersMuch has been said about the importance of gutters to a home’s longevity.

Being an essential part of a home, your gutters in Lincoln, NE, should be reliable and should protect your home from problems associated with malfunctioning gutters and improperly routed rainwater, such as flooding, leaks, and breakage. Seamless gutters offer the perfect long-term solution and do not compromise on looks or functionality.

Top Benefits of Installing Seamless Gutters

Here are a few of the benefits of having seamless gutters:

  1. Less chances of clogging. Seamless gutters lack ridges and seams, where needles and small debris tend to collect. Small buoyant solids will just slide with the rainwater into the downspout.
  1. No leaks. Regular gutters have seams that have to be periodically sealed with sealant, which deteriorates in a short time. Leaks could develop if left unattended. Another benefit of having seamless gutters is that you can forget about sealant, as there are no seams to seal.
  1. Virtually no maintenance required. Seamless gutters are typically made with stainless steel or copper, so corrosion is one less thing to worry about. Combined with a well-designed gutter guard, you can just forget about your gutters and still expect years of service.
  1. Professionally done every time. Seamless gutters are cut on-site – every installation is custom fit for the home. Such installations require specially designed machinery and intensive training. This means all seamless gutter installations and gutter repair, can only be done by trained professionals. Low quality installations are virtually non-existent.
  1. It just looks good. The seams on traditional gutters leave a lot to be desired in terms of looks. And you’re limited to the choice of material – many contractors offer only galvanized steel, which you have to paint when first installing and again after reapplying the sealant on the seams. Seamless gutters in Lincoln, NE, have many more options. Some materials, like aluminum, can be factory-colored, so painting (and subsequent repainting) will not be required. Other materials, like copper, will look even better over time.

Your gutter system plays an important role in keeping your home protected and damage-free. When it rains, they keep water away from your home by directing its flow into the ground. There are different kinds of gutters that you can choose for your home. Nelson Contracting, expert in gutter repair in Lincoln, NE, discusses one type in particular. Learn about their different features and benefits of seamless gutters here:


The Benefits of Seamless GuttersAdditional Features of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters, unlike traditional gutter systems, use materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper. Unlike other gutter systems, these sport seams on the corners and downspout areas. Multiple pieces of steel make up seamless gutters, so when when a section of your gutters fail, the entire system will not be compromised. Due to their highly durable structure, seamless gutters last longer than other types of gutters.

Resistant to Buildup

Traditional gutter systems are more prone to debris accumulation. The ridges along the bottom of these gutter systems encourage water and debris buildup. Our seamless gutters on the other hand, are fixed. This reduces the chances of buildup, which leads to less clogging and need for maintenance. Unclogged gutters also mean lower chances of leaks, as water can freely flow from your system to the ground.

Stylish Yet Functional

Their design and uniform appearance provides a clean and stylish look for your home. Our seamless gutter systems also come in a wide range of colors that would complement your home style. Our experts at Nelson Constructing can help you choose a color for gutters that would suit your home’s theme, so you can enjoy style and function at the same time.

Nelson Contracting can provide high quality, durable gutters in Lincoln, NE. Our team of professionals can ensure a proper installation that would allow your gutters to provide superior protection for your home. Contact us to learn more about our different gutter systems.

If you’re interested in replacing your own gutters with seamless ones, we’ll be glad to hear from you. Call us today at (402) 464-2418.

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