Best Solutions to Common Gutter Problems

Maintaining your gutters is always worth the effort. As the most effective way to prevent water damage in your home, proper gutter care is a combination of being vigilant toward issues and dealing with them quickly. Here are some typical gutter problems and solutions.

Gutter Problems

As the trusted gutter contractors in Lincoln, NE, Nelson Contracting sheds light on the usual problems a gutter system has and their right fixes. To keep them in great shape and prevent leaks, take note of the following:


Clogs keep your gutters from performing their sole purpose: to channel rainwater and melted snow away from your foundation. Any sizable debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and twigs, could block the passageway and prevent the water from reaching the ground.

Other than setting the stage for water damage, the weight of the ponds could cause your gutter system to fall apart, especially if its hangers are no longer strong enough to carry immense loads for a long time.

This is why it’s necessaru to clean your gutters and downspouts all the time, particularly in fall. Another preventive measure is to trim the branches of the trees surrounding your home. This way, the dried leaves wouldn’t fall into your gutter system, helping it stay debris-free.


When your gutters sag or pull away from your home, be sure to call for a gutter repair immediately to avoid compounding the issue. Apart from causing overflows and leaks, sags pose a hazard to your family. Your sagging gutters may fall completely to ground at any given time, potentially hurting somebody in the process. Nelson Contracting offers gutter repair and installation to keep your home protected.


An old gutter system, especially the sectional type, develops holes over time. One way or another, it would create gaps, allowing water to leak out and spill onto areas it’s not supposed to reach. Instead of spending on a temporary solution, replacing your old gutters and downspouts with a seamless system keeps the chance of leaks to a minimum.

Patching up the holes may be your first instinct, but upgrading to a seamless system benefits you in the long-term. As opposed to the traditional design, our seamless gutters are less prone to leakage. Aside from the corners, a seamless system comprises unmarred pieces of metal with no sealants that deteriorate over time.

Let’s put a permanent fix to your gutter problems. Call Nelson Contracting now at (402) 464-2418, and tell us we can help you.

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