Common Problems with Vinyl Siding

Common Problems With Vinyl Siding

Is your vinyl siding experiencing issues? Whether you’re in the market for a new siding material or are dealing with vinyl siding on its last legs, understanding the common problems with vinyl siding can help you know where to go from here.

Consider the most prevalent vinyl siding issues listed below, then contact Nelson Contracting for a free siding inspection in Omaha or Lincoln, NE. For over 25 years, we’ve been providing outstanding siding replacement services throughout Nebraska! If you need vinyl siding repair, we can help with that too.

Fading Color

Faded Color Vinyl Siding

Your siding’s paint job can enhance or detract from your curb appeal, but vinyl siding doesn’t have the best resistance in the face of UV rays and excessive heat. Your siding will likely fade over time.

Some types of vinyl siding, like ProVia, have built-in UV ray protection, but this technology can only do so much. If your home gets direct sunlight for several hours a day, the vinyl in that area will likely fade within a few years.

Cracks in the Material

Cracked Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a form of plastic, and plastic can crack when exposed to excessive sunlight or due to harsh impact. You may notice new cracks in your vinyl siding after a strong Nebraska storm or at the end of a hot summer.

We recommend scheduling repairs quickly to prevent these cracks from spreading and causing more damage. If you don’t catch cracks in time, they could allow moisture to seep under your siding, creating water damage that can infiltrate your home.

Warping and Buckling

Vinyl is a malleable material, and ideally, your vinyl siding should expand and contract with changing temperatures. Unfortunately, improper installation can limit the flexibility of vinyl siding, causing it to expand and then never shrink back to its original shape.

You can check the malleability of your siding by gently pressing your hand to it. If the contractors installed it correctly, it should have a slight give when you press on it.

Even with proper installation, vinyl siding can warp in hot temperatures. While Nebraska doesn’t see extreme summers, if your home gets direct sunlight during the summer months, the vinyl could heat up and warp over time. These siding problems are challenging to correct, as even replacing the warped sections won’t prevent the warping from happening again.

Rattling Noises

Woman Covering Ears From Noisey Siding

Noise is one of the most prevalent — and frustrating — problems with vinyl siding. To allow for the slight flexibility necessary for your siding to expand and contract, it will not make a tight seal against your home. Because of this, you may hear a rattling or popping sound during storms or windy weather.

This sound can become a nuisance over time, and unfortunately, there isn’t really any way to fix it. But in some cases, the rattling noise could be due to improper installation, such as if one of the vinyl planks has come loose. Your siding contractor can help you determine whether your popping sounds are fixable.

Moisture Damage

When installing vinyl siding, your contractor has two options: include a foam backing behind the vinyl or install it without any backing. Many contractors use the foam backing to improve insulation and give the thin vinyl siding more resistance.

However, vinyl siding is intended to have no backing, allowing it to act as a natural rain screen. During a storm, the water can drain from behind the siding instead of becoming trapped within it.

If your vinyl siding has a foam backing, you may experience moisture damage due to this inability to drain properly. Mold, rot, and softening of the material can all occur, necessitating repairs or premature siding replacement.


Vinyl is not fire-resistant, and because it’s a form of plastic, it may melt in the presence of strong heat. Even living in a colder climate like Omaha or Lincoln may put your vinyl at risk of melting if your neighbors have insulated windows.

These windows allow light to pass through, similarly to a magnifying glass. If that light then strikes your vinyl siding, the extreme heat could melt your siding.

Vinyl Siding Installation Done Right

At Nelson Contracting, we’re committed to protecting your home with durable, long-lasting siding installation backed by 25+ years of industry experience. If you’re experiencing problems with vinyl siding, it may be time for a better option — like James Hardie fiber cement siding. Or if you’re interested in replacing your vinyl siding, we can provide you with a free inspection and estimate.

Contact us online today, or Call our licensed and insured siding team at (402) 464-2418 to discuss your siding options in Omaha or Lincoln, NE.

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