Do My Gutters Need to Be Removed Before a Roof Replacement

Gutters Need To Be Removed

If you’re considering replacing your roof, you may wonder: “Do my gutters need to be removed before a roof replacement?”

The short answer is not necessarily. The long answer is that it depends on the condition of your gutters and whether their placement would interfere with the roof installation.

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Reasons to Remove Gutters Before Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Many roofing contractors will tell you that replacing a roof without removing the gutters is impossible. In reality, it’s not necessarily impossible — but it can be tricky depending on the roof design.

However, if you’re in a position where you don’t mind removing the gutters before the roof replacement, doing so can be helpful. Here are a few reasons to remove gutters before the roof replacement:

  • Allow for easy access to the entire roof: Gutters are often connected directly to the roof. As a result, your roofers may need to remove them in order to remove the sections of the roof attached to the gutters. Removing the gutters may also be necessary to install ice and water shields or other accessories on the roof.
  • Prevent gutter damage: If you decide to keep your gutters on during the roof replacement, they could quickly become damaged during the construction. Damage can occur while tearing off old shingles or carrying roofing materials onto the roof.
  • Ensure proper gutter installation: If your roofers attempt to work around your existing gutters, they may not align correctly with the new roof pitch or design. Removing the gutters and re-installing them after the roof replacement can ensure a better fit.
  • Replace gutters at the best possible time: If your gutters show signs of wear and tear or are older than 20 years, a roof replacement can give you an excellent excuse to replace them.

Can You Wait to Replace Gutters After Roof the Replacement?

If you would rather not replace the gutters before the roof replacement for whatever reason, your roofing company should be able to work around this.

The best roofing companies know how to protect gutters during a roof replacement. They will take extra measures to secure your gutters, such as avoiding leaning ladders against the gutters and taking caution when laying the tiles on the roof edges.

After the roof replacement, your roofing company should blow debris out of the gutters during the clean-up process. You can then determine whether you want to keep the existing gutters or hire a gutter crew to replace them.

Can You Keep Your Existing Gutters When Getting a New Roof?

Perhaps the only reason to leave your gutters on during the entire roof replacement is that you just installed new gutters and do not want to purchase another set yet. If this is the case, your roofers may be able to keep your existing gutters during the roof installation.

However, if your gutters are attached directly to roof shingles or are too challenging to work around during the roofing process, your roofers may need you to remove them before they begin working.

Altogether, if you need new gutters and a new roof, we recommend completing both of these processes in conjunction to prevent your gutters from getting damaged during construction.

Other Things to Know About Roofing and Gutters

As you consider whether to remove your gutters before or after the roofing process or keep your existing gutters long-term, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your gutters are an essential aspect of your roofing system. If they do not function properly, your new roof could become damaged.
  • Your gutters require routine maintenance and cleaning to remain in the best condition. If you decide to keep your existing gutters, be sure to clean them after the roof replacement if your roofers don’t clean them for you.

Altogether, if you’re wondering, “Do my gutters need to be removed before a roof replacement?” we can help. Contact our Nelson Contracting team today at 402-464-2418 to schedule a roof inspection or estimate for roof replacement in Lincoln or Omaha, NE.

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