Does My Roof Have Wind Damage?

Wind Roof Damage

If you’ve recently had a major storm in your area, it’s a good idea to check your roof for damage. Even if your roof was lucky enough to avoid getting hammered by a falling tree or light post, there are other less obvious signs of damage that can become an equally serious problem. Nelson Contracting specializes in helping with roof damage, so here’s an idea of what to look for when checking your roof.

Signs Of Wind Damage On Your Roof

The more obvious signs of damage include:

  • Missing shingles – if they are lying around on your property, replace them as soon as possible.
  • Lifted, peeling, curling, or broken shingles – if you see this, check the sealant underneath and repair any possible leaks. Replace the affected shingles too.
  • Broken, cracked, or fallen gutters – gutters help take water off your roof in heavy rains. Without them, your roof is subject to a lot more water pressure. If heavy rains are a regular occurrence in your area, consider upgrading to a bigger size. Repair and replace your gutters promptly to avoid disaster!

The less obvious signs of damage include:

  • Loose roof nails – this means the sealant underneath the shingles is broken and can cause a leak. Repair it quickly.
  • Leaks – water damage can be very costly. Repair!
  • Damp patches in the first-floor ceiling – damp patches lead to mold and more leaks. Repair as soon as possible.
  • Blocked gutters – as above, blocked gutters can break very soon and/or your roof will suffer severe water damage. Clear all gutters.
  • Damaged flashing – strong winds can damage or lift flashing at the base of a chimney. Repair to avoid further breakage.

How Does Wind Damage Happen?

Your roof may seem like a completely smooth structure, but it isn’t. During storms and severe weather, the wind blows at it at varying speeds. It will hit some areas harder than others. The roof ridges, corners, gables, and chimney flashing are usually more prone to damage.

When the wind blows at the roof, shingles can lift, loosening nails and breaking the sealant that attaches shingles to the roof. Broken sealant means that water can penetrate between the shingles and leak into your home.

We recommend that you inspect your roof after high winds and every storm. If any damage is left unchecked, water damage may cause even bigger problems.

How Do I Prevent Wind Damage To My Roof?

If you have any large trees on your property with branches overhanging the roof, cut them back. Do regular roof and gutter inspections and keep your home well-maintained. You cannot prevent storms or the destruction they can cause, but these measures can prevent unnecessary damage and high repair costs.

Do you need help with your roof? Phone Nelson Contracting at (402) 464-2418 for reliable assistance, every time.

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