Great Gutter Problems That Cause Homeowner Nightmares

Your gutter system is one of the fixtures that you only notice when something goes wrong. Just like other parts of your home, it needs adequate care and attention. 

Common Problems with Gutters

How can you keep your seamless gutters in Lincoln, NE, in great shape? Watch out for these common problems and learn the best way to prevent and deal with them:


Clogging is the mother of most gutter problems. An open gutter system is defenseless against leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris. Any detritus that enters your gutters and downspouts would form a blockage and disrupt the natural flow of water. The trapped water would pond, causing a host of headaches.

Unless you invest in a reliable cover, tending your gutters and downspouts is a non-negotiable necessity. Clogs are not going to clear themselves, so your gutter system needs regular checking and cleaning to prevent congestion.


Bad hangers are usually behind sagging gutters. The purpose of these pieces of hardware is to keep your gutter system secure to the fascia. However, due to constant exposure to the elements, they’d deteriorate over time.

Also, clogging may compromise gutter fastening. No matter how robust your hangers may be, they could only bear too much weight. The moment you notice any drooping, call pros immediately for prompt gutter repair in Lincoln, NE.


A leaky gutter system sets the stage of water damage. Instead of channeling water away safely from your home’s vulnerable areas, like the foundation, the cracks and holes would allow drips to escape. This is a serious cause for concern, as the level of moisture in supposedly dry spots might go out of hand. Repairs may effectively remedy minor issues, but a replacement is a better solution for major leaks.

To dramatically reduce the chances of water leakage in the future, invest in seamless gutters.

Imperfect Pitch

This is generally a workmanship error. For your gutters to direct water to the downspouts, proper pitch is paramount. Considering every roof type requires certain degrees of pitch for gutters to function efficiently, you need an experienced gutter specialist to get it right, or else the inadequate slope would cause standing water.

The bottom line is to leave any gutter problem in the hands of professionals. Even if you pride yourself as a handyman, it pays to entrust the job to pros to carry it out more safely and efficiently. To assess the condition of your gutter system and fix any issue immediately, call Nelson Contracting now at (402) 374-4233 to schedule an appointment.

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