Look for These Signs Before a Roof Collapse

Prevent Roof Collapse

Roofs typically deteriorate over time because of their reliance on structural support and exposure to moisture and the elements. If you don’t maintain and care for your property’s roof, eventually, it will collapse.

A roof does not, however, collapse overnight. A collapsing roof is the result of multiple structural issues that develop over time. Long before a roof collapse, it will exhibit warning signs that indicate the need for a repair job. In this post, Nelson Contracting will be discussing the signs that you should look for before a roof collapse.

Visual Warning Signs of a Potential Roof Collapse

When inspecting your roof, start with what you can see. Sagging structural support and ceilings are often clearly visible. If you stand outside, your roof should be straight, and all the shingles should be in good condition.

Check for bacterial or mold growth on the shingles and make sure that there is no accumulation of water in gutters or on the roofing material if you have a flat roof. After an electrical or windy storm, have your roof thoroughly inspected for wind or lightning damage.

The lines across your ceiling should be straight. Once a month, take a level and place it at key points against the ceiling. If the level bubble is not in the middle, it is an indication that the roof is sagging.

Smoke alarms and fire sprinklers that stick out and protrude towards the floor can also be an indication that the roof structure is no longer in the best possible condition. If you can, check for visible signs of damage in the attic.

Other visual clues that you may be dealing with a problematic roof include cracks in the interior and exterior walls, leaks, and bending door frames. A warped door frame is a clear indication that the supporting structure is no longer doing its job and that the roof is now depending on non-supporting structures to stay up.

Audible Warning Signs

A roof that is on the verge of collapsing is not silent. If you regularly hear a sound similar and harder than someone sitting back in an old wooden chair, the chances are that your house’s supporting structure is under a good deal of strain.

The sounds of creeks and cracks, especially in combination with one or more visual warning signs, are clear indications that you may be dealing with a collapsing roof in due course. What should you do?

Call a Local Professional For an Inspection

The first thing you should do when you notice any of these warning signs is to contact a professional roofing company to diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable course of action.

Nelson Contracting specializes in roof inspections, roof repairs, and roof replacement services. We will come to your home, find the problem, and provide you with an effective repair solution that fits your budget.

We can also provide you with a routine maintenance service to prevent the deterioration of your roof completely. Don’t wait until your roof collapses before seeking help. Contact Nelson Contracting today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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