Best Roof and Siding Color Combinations

Roof And Siding Color Combinations

Have you ever thought about how the contrast between your roof and siding colors impacts your curb appeal? If you’re updating your roof, siding, or both, you’ll want to consider roof and siding color combinations that achieve your desired aesthetic and don’t clash.

You can find inspiration in the following timeless and modern color palettes for roofs and siding. To get the ball rolling on your siding or roofing project in Omaha or Lincoln, NE, contact Nelson Contracting today.

Timeless Roof and Siding Color Combinations

If you don’t want to risk choosing your roof and siding colors based on trends that could change in a year, consider a timeless combination. These color combinations will look great on your home for decades and appeal to buyers whenever you decide to put your home on the market.

Black Roof and White Siding

White Siding Black Roof House

Black and white is perhaps the most classic color combination out there. Think of old farmhouses with white siding and trim and a striking dark roof. Now picture a modern four-bedroom home with a sleek, white exterior and dark black shingles.

If you’re looking for a color palette that stands the test of time, you can’t go wrong sticking to this white-on-black aesthetic.

Brown Roof with Wood Siding

Wood siding has been around for ages, and pairing a rustic wood exterior with a brown roof is an excellent way to give your home that timeless log cabin feeling. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for style — you can choose from a range of durable siding materials that mimic the look of natural wood.

We recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding in a rich wood tone paired with dark brown shingles or other warm colors to give your home a cozy, down-to-earth appearance that never gets old.

Brown Roof with Red Brick

Brown Roof Red Brick House

Red brick homes were the epitome of the American dream for many years, and they’re still in style today due to the durability and earthy appeal of brick building materials.

Pairing a red brick home with a brown or red warm-toned roof provides a timeless curb appeal. Today, many homeowners have begun limewashing their brick to brighten it, but doing so prohibits you from ever getting the original color back. If you want to update the appearance of your red brick home, consider a contrasting roof color, such as black, instead.

Modern Siding and Roof Color Combinations

Do you want to achieve a more contemporary aesthetic with your home’s curb appeal? Consider these modern color combinations that can create a dramatic, striking effect.

Black Roof with Black Siding

Black Roof With Black Siding

Modern exterior design invites dramatic, bold color choices. Black on black is a great choice if you want to modernize your home’s exterior while achieving a moody appearance.

If your home gets a lot of direct sunlight, choosing a black-on-black color combination may not be wise. But you could make these roof and siding color combinations work if you have large trees shading your home.

Stone Siding with Black Roof

Did you know you can mimic the look of stone with new siding? Panel stone veneer will make your home look like an architectural dream while modernizing an outdated appearance. Combining new stone siding in cool tones with a black roof can create a beautiful modern aesthetic and visually interesting curb appeal.

White Siding with Gray Metal Roof

Metal roofs are slowly gaining popularity throughout the U.S., and their sleek appearances can instantly modernize any home. Complementing a gray metal roof with clean, white siding will brighten up your home while ensuring that your stylish new roof gets its moment.

White siding can also give you room to add pops of color to your shutters or front door, adding another contemporary touch to your home.

Choose Nelson Contracting for Roof and Siding Installation

If you’re ready to replace your existing roof or siding with an updated color and material, Nelson Contracting can help. We have over 25 years of experience with roof and siding installation, and we’re proud to be a BBB-accredited contracting company and member of the NRCA. Our extensive roofing experience and commitment to quality will ensure that you love your new roof design.

We proudly recommend any of the above roof and siding color combinations. Get started with a free roof inspection today — call us at (402) 464-2418 to schedule yours.

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