Roof Care: 4 Tips to Spot, Fix, and Prevent Water Leaks

Fixing a leaky roof can be a difficult task for both the roofer and the homeowner. Without an active routine maintenance program, it can be challenging to identify the source of the water leaks and stop it from worsening.

Roof Care

As the expert roofers, Nelson Contracting can share some tips to spot and prevent water leakage. While rain and melted snow could infiltrate your home one way or another, here are the most effective ways to keep your roof from getting leaky:

Pay Attention to Penetrations

The chimney, skylight, satellite dish, pipes—anything that pops through your roof is a major leak suspect. Penetrations disrupt the natural flow of rainwater on your roof. If their sealing isn’t intact, their damaged flashing would create an entrance for the water to get into your interior.

Let the expert in roof repair look at your roof penetrations. As their flashing could deteriorate with age, re-sealing them could single-handedly fix leaks in perfectly intact roofs.

Check the Drip Edges

Drip edges keep the water away from your fascia board and channels it off your roof. Wind-driven rain might infiltrate the gaps between your roof deck and fascia, causing wood rot. When your roof deck succumbs to decay, that could mean the end for your roof.

Checking these vulnerable areas will be a part of our inspection. Other than leaks, leaving rotted drip edges unaddressed would give critters and insects an entryway to your home.

Look in the Attic

The presence of mold in the attic indicates excessive moisture. This is due to improper ventilation, causing your attic to overheat and accumulate water vapor, which otherwise would escape your home.

Damp insulation when it hasn’t rained, black rings around the nails, and algae streaks on the interior plywood are also signs of moisture condensation. We should address your attic’s moisture problem. This way, we can make sure it wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of your roof from the inside.

Mind the Gutters

Regardless of your type of roofing, make sure your gutters are clean. Any debris could cause clogging and trap the rainwater to form a pond. The water would try to seep through your roof and other areas of your home, like your siding panels. Once the water infiltrates your home, it would weaken whatever structure it touches.

Clearing the debris is the only act of care your gutter system needs, especially in fall. This task alone could help keep rain and melted snow out.

Do you need to know if your roof has leaks, or want any leakage fixed? Get in touch with Nelson Roofing Company. We’ll be sure to protect your home, starting with your roof. Call us now at (402) 464-2418, and tell us how we can be of service.

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