The 10 Best Types of Siding for Your Home

When it comes time to pick a new siding for your home, you want it to be perfect–something that will last while giving your home a sleek, modern appeal. Luckily, with so many eye-catching and durable siding types on the market, you have plenty of options to help shape your home’s new look.

With so many options, the choice may seem overwhelming. For that reason, we’ve created a list of the best types of siding for your home to help you navigate the process more easily.

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Popular Siding Options for Homes in Nebraska

1. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

This affordable and diverse option allows homeowners to play with multiple looks to find one that best suits their home.

Vinyl is a popular option due to its familiarity. Many homeowners already know a bit about vinyl siding, and its prevalence makes it a safe choice. Likewise, it is perhaps the most affordable siding on the market and comes in a wide variety of color options.

The drawbacks of viny siding lie in its durability, as many other siding options can withstand the elements and years of wear with more grace.

2. Insulated Vinyl Siding

Offering the same variety as traditional vinyl, insulated vinyl provides more insulation and durability. While still not as durable as some more heavy-duty types of siding, insulated vinyl presents homeowners with an excellent middle ground that gets the job done without needing too many repairs down the road.

3. Fiber Cement Siding

With a versatile design you can paint over, this durable siding lasts a while, with some contractors offering up to 50-year warranties. Some drawbacks include its price and the additional maintenance costs, as fiber cement will require some upkeep.

This high-quality material can look and act like other siding types while lasting longer. Maintain a sleek, refined look while keeping your home safe from the elements.

4. Natural Wood Siding

Natural wood siding offers solid durability with a clean, classic design at a mid-range cost. Many homeowners opt for natural wood when they want a more rustic look.

Because it’s made of wood, this siding requires regular maintenance to:

  • Prevent termites
  • Reapply flame-resistant coatings
  • Regularly paint and stain

Natural wood can last up to 40 years when well maintained, and damaged panels are easy to repair.

5. Cedar Siding

Shake Siding

High-quality cedar wood siding comes in shakes, shingles, or panels. If you and your family have set your sites on wood paneling, this is perhaps the best option.

Cedar siding comes in a range of shades and grains, allowing you to customize to your heart’s content.

6. Aluminum Siding

Few sidings can compare to the cost-effectiveness of aluminum. With the ability to last 50 years or more, this durable siding is lightweight, easy to install, and highly resistant to weather.

If you need something that resists mildew, insects, and corrosion, look no further than aluminum siding.

Aluminum is more prone to scratching and denting. However, the panels are easy to replace when the time comes.

7. Everlast Composite Siding

With a self-descriptive name, everlast composite siding comes with a length of ownership warranty. You’ll have fewer color and customization options with this siding. However, hardly any other siding compares to Everlast composite’s strength and sturdiness.

8. Metal Siding

Metal or steel siding options are environmentally friendly and resistant to bugs, mold, and fire. While highly durable, steel siding is prone to rust. Metal siding means you’ll face a substantial cost upfront but can enjoy longevity and relatively low maintenance costs.

9. Brick Siding

Brick siding brings you a traditional look that can last over 100 years. Customize size, color, and textures to create a personalized aesthetic that captures the beauty of your home.

Maintenance is low, and you won’t need to do any upkeep until the siding is 25 years old.

10. Natural Stone Siding

Stone Siding

If you want a stunning design that requires little maintenance, consider natural stone siding. Stone is one of the most-selected siding materials due to its eye-catching nature.

Natural stone is heavy and leads to a much higher installation cost than some other options on our list. That said, the low maintenance – most of which you can complete using DIY approaches – offsets some of the cost.

If you like everything besides the price tag of natural stone, you might consider stone veneer siding.

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