What Are the Different Components and Layers of a Roof?

What Are The Different Components And Layers Of A Roof

When you look at your roof, you can only see the top layer. In reality, there is a lot more beneath the surface. Several components and layers work together to ensure your roof is stable and long-lasting. Understanding these layers is important if you’re pursuing a roofing project or repair. It can help you better understand your roof’s functionality and identify potential issues.

The layers of a roof have their purpose but work together as parts of a whole. If one part isn’t functioning as it should, the integrity of the entire roof is in question.

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Seven Components & Layers of a Roof That Protect Your Home

The following components are vital parts of every roof.

1. Roof Decking

Decking consists of rectangular planks of plywood that protect your home from natural elements like rain and sunlight.

This structure sets the foundation for the rest of your roof, acting as a frame for other roof components. When doing any roofing project, you should inspect your decking. If the decking is rotting or has other issues, it needs fixing before anything else.

2. Roof Underlayment

Underlayment Skylight

Beneath roof decking is roof underlayment. This layer protects the roof decking from water. You have two primary choices for roof underlayment: synthetic and asphalt. Each comes with its benefits and drawbacks.

Asphalt roof underlayment combines saturated asphalt, paper, and fiberglass mats. This type of roof underlayment is vulnerable to moisture, UV rays, and high winds. However, it is the most cost-effective option.

Synthetic underlayment is durable, water-resistant, and often easier to install than asphalt-felt roof underlayment. Because of its protective qualities, it isn’t as budget friendly.

3. Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is typically made of aluminum, steel, or copper. It’s the seal at the edge of your roof that drains water from chimneys and side panels.

This is what helps your roof resist wind and rain. The last thing you want is for water to drip into other roofing materials, which can lead to mold. Strong roof flashing protects your home from that issue.

4. Ice and Water Shield

As another protection measure against water damage, many roofs have ice and water shields. These waterproof membranes protect roof valleys and penetrations from water and ice. Whether you have a metal roof or asphalt shingles, an ice and water shield is a vital component to have in place.

5. Roof Shingles

Installing Shingles

When thinking of a roof, the image of asphalt shingles probably comes foremost to your mind. The first layer of shingles contains the starter shingles, which support the first row of shingles. This layer also has an adhesive that seals the next layer at its eaves and along its rakes.

The next layer is what’s visible to people, whether it be asphalt, metal, synthetic, or cedar shake roofing. If you want to install a new roof but are unsure of the material you want, consult with our expert roofers at Nelson Contracting.

6. Roof Ridge Caps

Roof ridge caps are circular tiles we place between the ridges of your roof. They increase airflow and protect the rest of your roof from nature. If you have a sloped roof, ridge caps go where the two slopes meet.

7. Roof Vents

Installing Roof Vent

Last but not least, roof vents provide proper ventilation for your roof. It’s important that air can travel through your roof to ensure it has a long lifespan. You can choose:

  • Power vents
  • Ridge vents with a baffle
  • Turbine vents
  • Solar-power vents

For Each Roof Layer Turn to Nelson Contracting

When hiring a roofing company in Nebraska, you want one that will go above and beyond. Nelson Contracting isn’t about surface-level work; we care about all layers of a roof. We’ll get to the root of your issue and complete high-quality repairs or installations.

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