What Our “New Roof, No Mess” Process Means for You

Roof replacements are naturally messy. Nevertheless, you don’t have to live with the clutter that comes with the tearing off an old roof. After all, there’s a way to keep the job site debris-free.

New Roof, No Mess

As one of the premier roofing companies in Lincoln, NE, Nelson Contracting takes pride in our exclusive “New Roof, No Mess” process. We use the patented Equipter, a self-propelled debris-handling system. This way, our company can catch tons of old roofing materials and prevent them from touching the ground safely and efficiently.

Here’s what our Equipter means for you:

Protecting Your Yard

Our Equipter helps your lawn and landscaping retain their beauty. We’ll collect all nails and pieces of old roofing waste right after they’re torn off your home. We’ll be sure to help keep your outdoor spaces debris-free.

Our debris collection system can move around your home with hardly any tracking. With its wide, low-impact tires, it would fit in tight spaces and wouldn’t leave any mark in your yard. Its lift and rear features allows it to sit above your plants and extend its container right under your roof’s overhang. Equipter’s capacious box rolls back up to five feet and raises up to 11 feet. Rest assured that our equipment could catch roofing debris regardless how awkward the area may be.

Expediting the Job

As your reliable roofing company, we can speed up the usual time-consuming roof replacement clean up. Cleaning immense piles of debris is no picnic. It is time-consuming and adds up to the disruption you’d have to deal with.

Fortunately, our Equipter helps us collect waste successfully as we tear your old roof off. That means we get one labor-intensive task out of our way.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Safety is always at the center of our roofing services. Our ultimate goal is to prevent every single nail from being left uncollected before we go. Of all the waste collection and disposal methods available, our unique process is the most effective any roofer could use.

Once we’re done with the installation, we guarantee that your yard is 100% free from debris. You don’t need to worry about your family or pets, as we’ll make sure your project would leave no hazardous item behind.

Get a new roof without any mess. Call Nelson Contracting now at (402) 464-2418, and let’s get your project started.

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