What Should I Know About the Roof Insurance Claim Process?

Roof Insurance Claims In Nebraska

Nebraska sits in the heart of tornado alley, and when a storm strikes, heavy winds, rain, and hail can spell disaster for homeowners. Weather events can shred your roof, send shingles flying, and even let water into your home. Should the worst happen, you must file a roof insurance claim to fix the damage.

Learn what’s involved in filing a roof insurance claim, then call Nelson Contracting at (402) 464-2418 for a repair quote.

Understand What Your Policy Covers

All insurance policies differ; you’ll need to know what yours covers before you schedule repairs. Some policies will just pay for repairs, while others will cover a full roof replacement.

Some insurance companies will pay less if you’ve got an older roof. For instance, if your roof is 20 years old, you might get less money than you would if the roof was new.

Know Your Deductible

The deductible is the amount you must pay for repairs before the insurance company chips in. Again, this varies greatly depending on your policy.

Some insurers set your deductible at a fixed dollar amount, usually about $500 to $1,000. Others base your deductible on a percentage of the insured value of your home.

Document Damage to Your Roof

Document Roof Damages

To file a roof insurance claim, you’ll need thorough documentation of your roof’s water and wind damage. Your insurance adjuster will want to see photos of damage to:

  • Shingles
  • Eaves
  • Soffits
  • Gutters
  • Ceilings and walls

You may have to climb on your roof to get these pictures. Avoid doing this when the roof is wet so you don’t fall. If you can’t or don’t want to climb on your roof, a contractor from our roofing company can handle the inspection for you.

You should also inspect the interior of your home for water damage. Look for leaks and bulges in the ceiling, indicating that water is pooling there. If you spot a bulge, puncture the ceiling to allow drainage after taking a picture. Failing to do this could cause your ceiling to collapse.

Video walkthroughs are also very helpful. Be sure to write down anything else important you can think of, such as when the damage happened, plus a list of items that were damaged if your roof leaked.

Make an Insurance Claim

Making A Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Now, you’ll need to make an insurance claim for roof damage. Your insurer probably has a deadline for submitting a roof insurance claim. If you miss this deadline, they won’t pay for any repairs.

With your claim, provide:

  • The date and time of when the damage happened
  • A description of the damage
  • Photos and videos of the damage
  • Your policy details

Once you’ve made your claim, the insurance company will send an inspector to check out the damage. You should be present at this inspection to ensure the inspector doesn’t miss anything.

Get Estimates From a Roofing Company

After filing a claim, it’s time to call a few roofing companies and get estimates for the repairs. We recommend calling our team at Nelson Contracting because we offer affordable rates and always do a picture-perfect repair job.

Once you’ve got your estimates, you’ll need to send them to your insurance adjuster for review.

Work With Your Insurance Adjuster

After the inspection, your adjuster will look over their report and determine how much they’re willing to pay for damages. If the amount seems off, you can call them to determine how they made their calculations.

Get Your Quote for Roof Repairs Now

Storm damage can be disastrous, but thanks to homeowners insurance, you don’t have to cover all of the repair costs on your own. If you need help filing a roof insurance claim or want an estimate to fix the damage, reach out to Nelson Contracting. Our family-owned business serves Lincoln, Omaha, and nearby cities.

To get an estimate for repairs, call (402) 464-2418.


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