What to Consider When Replacing Your Gutters

Replacing Gutters

Are you heading into the rainy season? Or worse do you have ice dams forming on your roof? It’s a good time to see if your gutters need replacement. Nelson Contracting can help you with a professional assessment and make budget-friendly recommendations.

Let’s start with the basics you need to consider when replacing your gutters.

  1. Gutter size
  2. Style, color and materials
  3. Fascia inspection
  4. Roof inspection
  5. How many gutters will you need?

Gutter Size

If you are in an area with heavy rainfall, it may be well worth considering increasing the size of your gutters from 5 inches to 6 inches. This will accommodate the weather better and last longer. If you are replacing all of your gutters, it’s easy to change the size.

Style, Color And Materials

You may not realize this, but gutters can have a dramatic effect on the look of your home. If you want to create accents using different colors, gutters are an easy way to do that. Choose from four common gutter materials:

  • Aluminum – comes in various colors, but standard white is the most common.
  • Copper – lasting for 50 years or more, copper gutters create a shiny effect and will look vintage over time.
  • Galvanized – if you prefer a more modern metallic look, use this option. It combines steel, zinc, and aluminum for extra strength.
  • Half-round / k-type – this type of gutter is beautiful and efficient, but won’t cope under heavy rains.

Fascia Inspection

What is fascia? This is the wood or sheet-metal board that runs under the edge of your roof that gutters are usually attached to. Is the board rotting or damaged? If so, it must be replaced or repaired before you install new gutters.

You can see the fascia is damaged if the paint is peeling, the board is warping or stained, or if it’s crumbling. An alternative option is to attach gutters to your roof using roof straps. These straps connect to the inside hanger of the gutters, making it easy to attach them.

Roof Inspection

While you’re up on the ladder checking the gutters, it’s an excellent time to check the condition of your roof as well. Make a note of any leaks or broken shingles. If your roof needs replacing, it makes sense to do it along with the gutters.

How Many Gutters Will You Need?

Once you’ve checked every part of the gutter system, it will be obvious whether you need to replace the whole system or only a few sections. Make sure to do your measurements and count exactly how many you will need. Also, make a note of the size and type. This will help you to estimate the cost of this project accurately.

For professional, affordable help with your gutters and/or roof repairs, contact Nelson Contracting at(402) 464-2418.

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