Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Different areas of your home such as your roof, your walls, and your gutters protect your household from various kinds of damage. Since siding covers the largest area of your home’s exterior, choosing the right siding is important. Aside from this, it can also affect your home’s appeal and comfort levels. As an expert in siding repair in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas, Nelson Contracting recommends choosing vinyl siding. Here are some of the reasons:

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?


We design our vinyl siding to withstand strong winds and resist the heat, cold, and moisture while maintaining its appearance and beauty. Due to its high durability, you won’t be needing a vinyl siding replacement anytime soon. Consequently, you do your part for the environment by reducing the debris that goes to landfills.


The crew at Nelson offers vinyl siding in a wide range of colors that will enhance your home’s appearance. For a more rustic look, we also offer vinyl siding that gives the look of authentic wood, stone, and slate. With our selection of vinyl siding options, you can find a style that is perfect for your home.

Low- Maintenance

As an experienced siding contractor since 1988, we can provide high quality vinyl siding that requires minimal maintenance. They don’t require painting or caulking; you can keep them looking good as new with just mild soap and water.

Easy to Install

Our vinyl siding is not only durable, but also lightweight. This makes it easy to install for our professional team at Nelson Contracting. With its easy installation, the whole process would finish faster and with less disturbances.

For high quality vinyl siding, look no further than Nelson Contracting. Our installers posses the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure a proper installation. We also offer excellent gutter and roofing services for a home that’s not only beautiful but also well-protected. Call us today at (402) 464-2418 to learn more about our products and services. You can also fill out our contact form for a consultation.

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