Why You Shouldn’t Work on Your Own Roof

Installing New Roof Tiles

Plenty of homeowners out there pride themselves on keeping and caring for their own house. Some folks love to do all their own landscaping, all their own painting, or even build their own decks and lawn pieces. Plus, all of us like to save a few bucks. However, when it comes to dealing with your roof, there’s just no good excuse for doing things on your own.

Too often are homeowners severely injured by failing to practice proper roofing safety. There are several things that can go disastrously wrong with DIY roofing projects. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should call a certified roofing contractor to handle your roofing issues for you.

Expertise, Equipment and Materials

Contractors Fixing A Roof

So, you wanna be a DIY roofer? Tell us: what kind of flashing is better for a steep roof ridge, copper or plastic? Where should your fascia panels be located to ensure the best attic ventilation? Do you actually need them at all? What sort of tools do you use to install shingles? How about roof vents? While you might find some answers by hitting Google and Youtube, you can’t know everything you don’t know. What seems easy and obvious might actually require a lot of knowledge and careful planning.

Plus, a professional roofer deals with roofing materials every single day. They know the products they can trust, and oftentimes they can get you a better price than you’d get cruising the hardware store shelves yourself. And, a pro will already have all of the specialized tools needed to properly install those materials.

Damage Potential

Roof Damage Repair

If you don’t go up on your roof much (and we advise that you don’t) then you just don’t know where is safe to step and where’s not. Shingles and roof tiles are made to stand up to forces like wind, rain, and heat, but they can’t bear the heavy weight of adult footsteps. Only some of the surfaces on your roof may be safe to walk on, and in some cases, there aren’t any walking surfaces at all.

In fact, even if you find a stable surface that supports your weight, you can still cause small damage to your shingles that seriously detract from their longevity. Small cracks, especially under the surface of the shingle, can let water in. When this leaks into the roof deck, you can experience rot, and eventually leaks. Plus, walking on shingles will knock loose the small granules on the surface. These granules help the shingle deflect heat, and granule loss by itself is a sign that you will soon need to replace your shingles. Don’t exacerbate the issue by walking on them!

A professional roofer will know exactly how to identify the strong and weak points on your roof, and is equipped with the means to access any part of the roof safely and without causing further damage.


Roof Tarping

Of course, the most important reason to stay off of your roof is safety. According to census data, roughly 75% of deaths in the roofing industry are the result of falls. And these statistics are from the professionals. Falling off of your roof, even from a low height, can permanently alter your life, or even end it. You don’t have the proper safety tools and training to ensure that you can safely navigate your roof.

The only safe way to handle roofing issues, whether it’s an inspection, repair, or cleaning, is to call a trained professional. Get in touch with us at Nelson Contracting to schedule your free inspection and to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

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