Highly Suggested Restaurants in Lincoln

Lincoln is never beyond the line when it comes to fine dining. In fact, it is a place for a whole new world of distinct and unique flavors. Offering different cuisines from Italian, French, Mexican, Asian, and German, the best restaurants in Lincoln makes a dining destination worth exploring. Here are some of the top picks from Nelson Contracting:

  • The Green Gateau – 330 S 10th St, Lincoln, NE 68508

Green Gateau is a casual but elegant restaurant with European-inspired bistro famous for its beignets and brunch meals. They serve a wide variety of French and American foods prepared in an impressive menu list. It is one of the recommended locations for fine dining to people who are visiting the area, especially for those who are looking for breakfast and brunch.

  • The Oven – 201 North 8th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

The Oven is one of the best in Lincoln that offers great Indian foods. They have a decent list of vegan and gluten-free options, as well as wines and beverages. You can go spicy and sweet or extreme and unique. The restaurant also has a very nice ambiance for elegant dinners and the Cellar is sure to complete the experience.

  • Vincenzos Ristorante – 808 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508

If it’s tasty Italian food you are looking for in Lincoln, the Viscenzos Ristorante is your place to be. From pasta to bread to all kinds of salads and pizzas, you will never get bored at this restaurant. They also offer chicken, meats, fish, and veggies in different dishes. Another thing that this restaurant is proud of is the authentic homemade dishes that are not just amazing but pleasantly delicious.

  • Venue Restaurant & Lounge – 4111 Pioneer Woods Dr #100, Lincoln, NE 68506

Venue Restaurant & Lounge is one of the most excellent places in Lincoln for outstanding foods and services. Giving attention to details and high quality menu, dining at this food destination is a wonderful experience because of the friendly accommodation, elegant ambiance, and exceptional services.

  • Hiro 88 – 601 R Street #100, Lincoln, NE 68508

Hiro 88 is a distinct place for exceptional Asian cuisines and dishes. It is a great food destination of Japanese foods, Asian dishes, and Sushi in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska. Get a taste of sushi sensation and a large variety of Japan’s famous food like Edame, egg rolls, teriyaki, seafood, and varieties of unique appetizers and desserts.

  • Phat Jack’s – 101 SW 14th Pl, Lincoln, NE 68528

Phat Jack’s is an ideal place to eat burgers and barbecue whether for lunch or dinner. They have the best BBQ and brisket and wide selections of platters filled with multiple meats. The place is very accommodating with a perfect atmosphere for great eats.

  • Parthenon Restaurant – 5500 S 56th St # 8, Lincoln, NE 68516

For the best Mediterranean and Greek delicacies, Parthenon Restaurant is a real gem in the city of Lincoln. The large variety on menu includes Dolmathes and some salads, as well as Greek wines, vegan options, desserts, gyros, and Saganaki appetizers. They also offer flambé and a lot of unique food services.

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