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Are you thinking about installing a metal roof? Do you need to repair or replace your metal roof? At Nelson Contracting of Omaha, NE, our dependable roofers can do it all. You’ll enjoy expert guidance on which material will work best for your home, making the decision easier. 

Metal roofing systems provide a fantastic option for homeowners who want to put durability and energy efficiency at the center of their decisions. Metal roofing materials have an attractive finish that comes in a variety of colors. Plus, they offer better sustainability than the average asphalt shingles. 

If you want a durable, attractive option for your new roof, call Nelson Contracting at (402) 464-2418 to request a free estimate for metal roofing. 

Why Choose a Metal Roof For Your Home in Omaha

Metal roofing deters homeowners because of its associated expenses and the noise it makes during rainstorms. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. For example, a metal roof will offset the expenses with durability and longevity. 

Additionally, you have myriad options for the type of metal you choose for a standing seam roof. Discover why you should choose metal roofing in Omaha, NE.  

Why Choose Metal Roofing

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have advantages that negate any disadvantages you might associate with them. Unless you have extreme sensitivity to rooftop noises, you should consider a metal roof for the following reasons:

  • Metal roofs can last up to 70 years with proper maintenance and care. This lifespan far outlasts asphalt, which needs replacement every 20 years. 
  • Metal roofing systems require minimal maintenance, so keeping them in prime condition won’t be challenging. 
  • Metal roofs boast superior durability and can withstand years of inclement weather and harsh conditions. 
  • If you want an energy-efficient option, consider a metal roof. They can cut your heating and cooling costs since they stabilize indoor temperatures. 
  • You can recycle metal roofs. Roofers can allot a used piece of metal roofing for other projects. Some metal roofs already contain recycled metal.
  • You could get a great warranty. Warranties keep metal roofs covered for up to 25 years. 
  • A metal roof might offer better protection for you and your home. It can withstand winds at 160 mph. Some materials, like steel roofing, also boast fire resistance. Additionally, your metal roof can hold its own against airborne detritus and debris. 

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing comes in various materials and styles. You’re sure to love the appearance of at least one of them. Additionally, you can choose from different colors to enhance the curb appeal of your home’s exterior. 

Some metal roofing styles include: 

  • Standing seam panels: The joints of these panels interlock while the edges sit at a vertical angle, creating a waterproof seam.
  • Shingles: This style looks similar to shingles made from more classic materials. However, these shingles have the added dependability of metal. Plus, you can choose the color. 
  • Corrugated sheets: Galvanized steel sheets overlap for a stylish option that resists corrosion. 
    Some materials you should consider include:
  • Aluminum roofing sheets
  • Steel roofing: This type of roofing material known for its exceptional durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. Composed of primarily steel, it is often coated with a layer of zinc or a zinc-aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance. Steel roofing comes in multiple forms such as panels, shingles, and tiles, and can emulate traditional roofing materials like slate or wood shake.
  • Zinc roofing sheets
  • Copper roofing sheets

If you aren’t sure which option to choose, our knowledgeable roofers will help you select a style that fits your home’s exterior while keeping practicality in mind.  

Omaha Metal Roofing Services

When you choose our services, you trust your home to a knowledgeable roofing company with decades of experience. Metal roofing, like other varieties of roofing material, requires occasional maintenance from keen eyes and knowledgeable roofers. After your free estimate, you can expect us to guide you through the process while disrupting your daily life as little as possible.  

Metal Roofing Installation

Each of our roofers provides excellent workmanship with any project. We ensure your roof is prepared for metal roofing installation. Then, we lay out each sheet or shingle in the exact style you want. You’ll enjoy a durable and beautiful finished product. 

Metal Roof Repair

Sometimes, your roof might require repair. Strong, persistent storms can wreak havoc in your neighborhood. Since Nebraska is located in Tornado Alley, you might also endure damaging winds. If these unfortunate events occur, call us to repair your roof.  

Metal Roof Replacement

If you’re in the market for a complete roof replacement, our roofers can take on the task. We’ll walk you through the whole process while properly preparing your home. 

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