Our Favorite Things to Do in Lincoln, NE

We love our city! It is a home to a myriad of historical landmarks, museums, and cultural attractions that attract millions of tourists and visitors. Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska.  The city is an active place with vibrant atmosphere and an offering of unique places for hundreds of interesting things to do such as the following:

  • Stroll around the Historic Haymarket District

Stroll around the Historic Haymarket District, a historical landmark of the city where you can find the 19th Century brick warehouse, the large water tower, the brick streets, and the clock. The Lincoln Station is one of the most notable establishments in the district, especially now that it houses the famous restaurant and the visitor center after being the railway depot once. The streets surrounding the district close off in the summer to accommodate more visitors for the annual festivals.

  • Visit the University of Nebraska Sate Museum

Not only for the paleontology enthusiasts but also to the interested visitors of the university, this museum is a must-visit attraction in the city. There are plenty of well-regarded exhibits to explore and see in this famous museum. From the largest articulated mammoth in the world to the fossilized elephants to the earth’s strangest creatures, this museum will surely complete your journey back in time.

  • Tour the Nebraska State Capitol

Fall in love with the magnificent sight right at the very heart of Nebraska. Located in Lincoln city, the Nebraska State Capitol is famous not only because of its fascinating facades and the Nebraska’s iconic statue of Sower, but also because of its designer, Bertram Goodhue which was an American revivalist. Found in the capitol are relief figures, as well as murals about the Indian heritage and world-class artworks created by Kenneth Evett.

  • Be inspired of the Sunken Gardens

With all the beautiful flower beds of Roses, Tulips, Daisies, Hydrangeas, Lily pads, Palm blooms, and all kinds of perennial plants and flowers, visiting the Sunken Garden is one of the best things to do in Lincoln. You will love the theme and design each and every year because the curators rearrange the display of flowers to inspire and attract more visitors.

  • Walk and Relax at the Hamann Rose Garden in Antelope Park

Perfect for kids of all ages, the park offers a pretty swathe of colorful and fresh nature with all its greeneries and flowers. There are well-equipped playgrounds where kids can spend the whole day playing, and there are winding trails and forestry where adults can walk and run and hike. The basketball court is open for friendly games among the teenagers, too, while the picnic grounds are open for all kinds of family fun and activities. In addition, this Antelope Park is also famous for its haunted stories and reports of ghostly apparitions.

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