Signs You Need a New Roof

Signs You Need A New Roof


Do you know the signs of needing a new roof? Some are easy to spot, while others take the trained eye of a professional like the roofers at Nelson Contracting.

Because we are GAF Master Elite® certified roofers in Lincoln, you can trust our expertise in inspecting roofs of all kinds, from residential to commercial. If you’re unsure of possible damage to your roof, whether due to storms, age, or neglect, here is a handy list of signs to be on the lookout for:

  1. Shingles or tiles that are missing, curling, smooth or cracked
  2. Mineral granules from shingles collecting in gutter troughs
  3. Pooling of water in low spots or roof valleys
  4. Broken, split, or corroded metal flashing
  5. Leaking skylights
  6. Stains on interior ceilings, in the attic or walls
  7. Streaking or staining on siding due to water overflow
  8. Ice dams forming at roof edges or in gutters
  9. Penetration of the roof due to storm damage

Little Signs Mean a Great Deal

The #1 sign you may need to install a new roof is an obvious one: leaks. You may notice signs of water damage on your walls and ceilings, or in the basement or attic. These leaks very likely originate from the roof. Sometimes the source of the leak is obvious, but not always. One potential type of leak we see is often caused by roof storm damage. That’s why you need to hire an expert roofing company because we have the proper equipment and training to detect and repair roof leaksAnother major sign you need to repair your roof is shingles that persistently fall off or buckle. Sometimes these problems are due to defective shingles, improper initial installation or just plain old age. Storm damage is yet another cause. Tree limbs, hail and wind can all do a number on your roof, resulting in minor problems or severe damage depending on the source. Don’t hesitate to call Nelson Contracting to assess the situation immediately when it comes to your roofing in Lincoln NE.

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