6 signs of roof problems

6 Signs That Your Roof is Trying to Tell You Something

6 signs that your roofWouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of device that instantly pinpoints roofing problems? Since there’s no such thing, however, the next best thing is familiarizing yourself with the signs of a failing roof. Knowing what these issues signify means you can address them as soon as possible – ideally before they escalate. Even a small puncture can develop into a full-scale leak in a matter of weeks.

  1. Water spots on the ceiling. It means your roof is leaking, but sometimes it could be window or plumbing condensation. Finding the source can be difficult as leaks don’t often drip straight down. If the source isn’t apparent, consult a specialist in roofing repair.
  1. Water spots on the walls. The step flashing – that part where the roof meets the wall – could be loose, rusted or damaged. Check if the flashing is still within warranty, otherwise you will need to engage your contractor, as this requires more than just basic roofing skills.
  1. Granules in the gutters and downspout. A few loose granules are fine, but a lot of them means your shingles are old or are prematurely wearing out. A visual inspection of the shingles on your roofing should reveal “exposed” shingles.
  1. Cracked, cupped or missing shingles. If your shingles appear to be damaged in some way, you can only replace them, hopefully under warranty. Heat exposure – either from the sun or an improperly vented attic – causes cracking and cupping. Missing shingles could either mean damaged sealant strips or an animal may have burrowed and made its home under the roof deck – you will need to hire an exterminator for that last one. You should also trim surrounding trees as they provide a convenient pathway for animals.
  1. Roof leaks during freeze-and-thaw. This is caused by ice dams – the water gets pushed under the shingles and soaks into the roof deck. There are gutter guards with heating elements that could melt ice dams, but be careful: electricity and water are never a good combination.
  1. Black stains on the roof. This means you have algae on the shingles. It’s not much of a problem, aside from making your roof look ugly. Many shingles, like GAF® Timberline® products, are algae-resistant and specifically designed for residential roofing. You can install zinc strips on your existing roof, which should eventually kill algae. The runoff might kill your plants, so you might need your downspout rerouted.


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