I See a Water Stain on my Ceiling – Do I Have a Roof Leak?

Ceiling Stains

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is a leaky roof. Maybe your town just experienced a once-in-a-decade mega rainstorm, or maybe that roof shingle you hadn’t gotten around to replacing finally let the water come streaming in. Regardless of the cause, a leaking roof can be a serious pain. If you need immediate assistance, call Nelson Contracting (402) 464-2418.

When it comes treating roof leaks, it’s crucial that you take action as quickly as possible. Waiting to get your roof or ceiling checked out even by a day could add to the damage considerably. However, before the inevitable “my roof is leaking” panic attack sets in, there are a few things you can do to determine whether the problem truly is a roof leak or a less serious issue that you can easily fix.

Identify the Cause of the Ceiling Stain

Seeing a water spot in your ceiling can admittedly cause a whole host of negative emotions such as stress, frustration, and anger, especially if you believe that the water spots are caused by a leaky roof. Fortunately, there is some good news. A noticeable water stain in your ceiling does not automatically mean that your roof is leaking, which is why it’s so important to determine the source of the stain.

Maybe your teenager was in the attic cleaning and spilled a large bucket of water, or perhaps a small pipe has a leak. You could be experiencing water spots from a frozen pipe that refuses to completely defrost. Some scenarios are worse than others of course, but many times you can get back to your normal life without having to mortgage your house to afford a new roof. At any rate, a stain on your ceiling should be taken seriously as some have caused complete roof collapses.

Problems That Don’t Involve the Roof

Once you notice a water spot in your ceiling, it’s time to put on your detective hat and try to determine the possible causes. Did you notice the leak right after you took a shower? Is the water dirty or crystal clear? Was there recently a massive rainstorm that may have damaged areas of your home? Is the leak coming from a room that has a heavily-used toilet or sink?

In some cases, the leaks won’t be time-intensive to fix, or at least stop until repairs can be made. If, for example, you determine that the faucet is the source of the leak, turning off the water to the faucet could temporarily solve the problem.

Determining the potential cause of your leak can help you prevent the issue from getting worse as well as give you additional context to share with an expert should you decide you need their help. In some cases, you will need to hire an expert, such as one of our friendly experts here at Nelson Contracting, right away to come to inspect the situation.

Causes of Leakage

Here are a few common causes of water leakage:

  • Frozen pipes defrosting
  • Water line from common appliance breaking
  • Old pipes beginning to erode and leak
  • Clogged pipes
  • Full-blown roof damage

Contact Your Insurance Company

After identifying the source of the leak and trying to get it under control, we recommend that you give your insurance company a call to determine the extent of your current coverage. While it’s rarely fun to call your insurance company, many times you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much your policy covers.

Additionally, we suggest that you have an emergency plumber on speed dial in case the problem lies in your pipes rather than the roof. The last thing you want is a pipe failure that causes unchecked damage.

We’re Here to Help!

If you have a leak in your home, you’re unsure of what caused it, and you need assistance to fix it, our team at Nelson Contracting is happy to help. Call (402) 464-2418. We are experts at working on roof leaks and determining the cause of water spots on the ceiling. We’re not only experts at what we do; we’ll be sure to explain how we are planning to fix your leak during every step of the process.

If you have a leaky roof and want one of our friendly experts to come to your home and check it out, give us a call today. We’ll do our best to get the problem solved as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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