Keeping Up with Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Cedar shake is a standard roofing option throughout much of North America. Shake shingles provide a beautiful-looking aesthetic along with many other unique benefits. Cedar shake has strong durability, as it can hold its shape through various types of weather. With a cedar shake roof, your home will stay well insulated, keeping you comfortable during hot and cold seasons while keeping your utility costs low.

As cedar shake roofing provides so many advantages, you’ll want to keep it properly maintained to get the most out of your investment. We’ll go over the best ways to maintain your cedar shake roof as well as some of the benefits of keeping your roof in shape.

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How to Maintain Your Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar shake roofing is an excellent option for Nebraska residents, and keeping your roof well maintained can significantly increase its longevity. Below are a few tips on how to keep your cedar shake roof looking good and working well for many years.

Keep It Clear

It’s crucial to keep debris such as leaves or tree branches off your roof. Fallen branches can cause sudden impacts that damage your shake, and other light debris can create dangerous build-up. Wet leaves present an opportunity for mold and fungus to grow into your wood and cause severe damage.

Regularly clearing your roof of the natural elements that gather there will help prevent more significant problems from arising.

Shake shingles also tend to attract moss growth. You can remove moss by hand or light power washing with a mild cleaning solution.

Clean Your Gutters

Neglecting cleaning out your gutters will keep water from being able to slide off your roof correctly. Moisture build-up on natural roofing materials like cedar shake can cause water damage, leading to costly repairs. Checking your gutters twice a year should help prevent this issue. Typically, checking before the rainy season will help you stay ahead of gutter backup problems.

Professional Power Washing

Your cedar shake roof can benefit from professional power washing every couple of years. Power washing can help remove dirt and debris that gather on your roof over time. You’ll also notice an improvement in the appearance of your roof with a good power wash. Keeping your shake shingles clean can remove and prevent staining.

Regular Roof Inspection

With regular inspections from a professional roofing service like Nelson Contracting, you can extend the life of your cedar shake roof to 30 years or more. Our experienced team can spot minor damages before they become significant problems. We recommend having your roof inspected once or twice a year and after any significant weather incidents.

Advantages of Shake Roof Maintenance

Maintaining Shake Roof

Proper roof maintenance is essential for any homeowner. When you keep your cedar shake roof well maintained, you’ll enjoy some noteworthy benefits.

Pest Control

By keeping an eye on your roof for broken shake shingles and having them replaced quickly, you can keep pesky intruders like squirrels and mice out of your home. Small rodents and insects can take advantage of openings in your roof and make your home their own. Regular maintenance will reduce their opportunities to get inside and turn your roof into dinner.

Increased Durability

Frequently maintaining your roof will inevitably increase its longevity. You can also invest in protective treatments to extend the life of your roof and safeguard your home against harmful elements.

Damage Prevention

When a professional regularly assists with your roof maintenance, you can generally avoid roofing catastrophes. Taking preemptive measures and catching minor damage can significantly reduce your risk of frustrating roof repairs.

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