How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick House

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What Color Roof is Best for Brick Homes?

When it’s time to replace the roof on your brick house, you’ll need to consider everything from the type of shingles you want to the quality of the materials you will need. You will also need to think about which roof color will work best for your home, but determining a palette for a brick house can be challenging.

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Why the Roof Color Is Important

A common misconception about roof replacements is that color doesn’t matter as long as professionals handle the installation. The roof takes up a considerable amount of space on the building’s exterior, and it is one of the most noticeable areas of the house. Picking the wrong color will make your home stand out in the worst way because it covers so much surface area.

Color choices are not only for aesthetic purposes. They can also contribute to the home’s energy efficiency. Dark-colored roofs on brick houses absorb heat from the sun while lighter hues reflect the sun’s rays. How much heat your roof reflects and absorbs affects how much heat your home retains, impacting your heating and cooling costs during the summer and winter seasons.

How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick House

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Here are several factors to consider before choosing a roof color for your brick house.


While you likely would not want your new roof color to mimic your neighbors’ homes’ exact shade, examining these buildings will give you an idea of what palette you should use for your property. If the houses in your neighborhood are relatively close to each other, residents may prefer a cohesive color scheme for all buildings in the local area.

Choosing a roof color for your brick house that is too bold or trendy compared to nearby buildings could affect your home’s resale value and curb appeal.

Color Cast

Bricks can consist of various hues, but they will also have a cast color—a primary brick shade. To pick a roof color that works well with your home, choose a palette that works best with the cast color.

Here are some of the most common cast colors and how roof hues correspond with them.

  • Red cast should match the house trim.
  • Brown is versatile enough for dark or light-colored roofs.
  • Pink is best with a gray roof.
  • Tan is neutral and can work with any color.
  • White is ideal for brown or black roofs.

Architectural Style

Darker roofs tend to make houses look smaller on the outside, and conversely, lighter-colored roofing makes houses look more spacious. You may choose your home’s ideal roof color depending on how you prefer your house to appear to guests.

It would be best to think about your home’s architectural design because some styles look better with specific hues. For example, traditional and farmhouse styles work best with brown and black palettes.

Trim Color

Another factor to help you choose the best color for your new roof is the trim. Coordinating your roof color with the trim is a quick way to create a cohesive look. It is likely that the trim color already matches the brick well, so you will not have to seek a new hue for the roof.

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