How to Fix a Leaky Skylight on My Roof

Leaky Skylight

You’ve just installed a skylight in your home, and you absolutely love it. Waking up reading the newspaper and eating breakfast underneath the warm and vibrant sun is a great way to start your morning. Then, a few months after installation, you notice it’s leaking.

Skylights continue to grow in popularity among homeowners all across the country because they can take the appearance and feel of your home to the next level. Unfortunately, as with anything to do with your roof, sometimes leaks happen, and they require your immediate attention.

Roof skylight leaks are some of the most common roof leaks in homes today. If you think your skylight might be leaking, go through the following steps.

Things to Inspect on a Leaking Skylight

First things first, we do not recommend working on your own roof or skylight. You should always call a professional contractor like Nelson Contracting (402) 464-2418!

Check for Condensation

While legitimate leaks do happen, many times the supposed “leak” may simply be the result of condensation building up on your skylight. If this is the case, you can sigh with relief, wipe the glass with a dry cloth, and go about your day.

Skylights have a tendency to collect condensation in colder climates and in rooms with running water such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you notice water in or around your skylight, take a moment to determine whether condensation is the culprit.

Beware of Mold

While a minor leak in your skylight might not seem like a big deal, you should address the issue as quickly as you can. Neglecting to fix your skylight can lead to mold and other damage that will be even more costly and difficult to repair the longer it goes untreated. Remember, your skylight functions as a part of your roof, and allowing it to leak can also affect other areas of your home.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Skylight

Check the function of the skylight. Does it open and close without issue? Is there any noticeable physical damage that may have occurred as a result of heavy winds or a large rain storm? Is the glass (or other material) of your skylight broken? Does it have any holes?

Looking for obvious signs of damage can help you determine whether the potential leak is serious. It could be that the last person to open the skylight failed to properly close it, and fixing the leak is as simple as ensuring it’s tightly shut.

While examining your skylight, you should also take note of the surrounding roof area. Is it in good shape? Is a shingle damaged or missing? Are there cracks or holes in the flashing, or is it moldy? Sometimes in the process of examining your skylight, you’ll notice damage to your roof you may otherwise have missed.

Once you’ve taken a thorough look at your skylight and roof, you should have a reasonable understanding of the problem. If it’s something as simple as adding more caulk to the frame of your skylight, by all means, consider doing so yourself. Many times, however, the repairs require a little more skill, for which we recommend you call a professional.

Call a Skylight Expert

While sometimes a leaking skylight can be resolved with minor repairs, a leak can also mean that more serious damage to your roof has occurred. If you notice your skylight is leaking and you can’t determine the cause, it’s important to call a certified professional to come inspect the problem as soon as possible.

We’ve helped hundreds of people with their roof repairs, and we’re experts at spotting why your skylight is leaking. Give us a call today at Nelson Contracting (402) 464-2418, and our team of experts will be happy to learn more about your situation and determine the best course of action to repair your skylight.

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