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Asphalt vs. Metal Roofing: Which is Better?


Roof Installation Nebraska

A good roof protects a home’s inhabitants from the fiercest storms and the most sweltering heat. Replacing a roof is a big investment, but it’s also an opportunity to make an important choice: asphalt or metal roofing?

Nelson Contracting has been installing, repairing, and replacing roofs in Lincoln, NE, for over 20 years. Our experts know all the pros and cons of each material, and they’re standing by to discuss them with you at (402) 464-2418. Meanwhile, here is a comparison to help you understand some of the differences between asphalt vs. metal roof materials. Read more

fireproof roofing

Fireproof Roof: A Closer Look At Fire Resistant Roof Materials


Fireproof roof

For the right materials to make your roof fire-resistant, the Nelson Contracting team in Lincoln, NE, can get you started.

Your roof has all the conditions for a fire to break out and spread quickly, making it a dangerous hotspot. Luckily, there are ways you can ensure a fire-resistant roof by using the proper fireproofing material. Three classes measure fire resistance level: Class A, which means it takes the roof about two or more hours to ignite; Class B, about one hour; and Class C, around 20 minutes. Read more

Installing Composition Roof

What Is a Composition Roof?

Installing Composition Roof

A Closer Look at Composition Roofing

If you are researching roofing materials for a roof replacement or new home construction, you have likely heard the term “composite.” But what is a composition roof?

In this post, the trusted roofers at Nelson Contracting, breaks down composition roofing to help you better understand this common material. If you still need assistance or are ready to start with your new composition roof installation, call us at (402) 464-2418. Read more

Repair Or Replace Slate Roof

Slate Roof Repair or Replacement

Repair Or Replace Slate Roof

Should I Repair or Replace My Slate Roof

Slate roofs are beautiful and will last a long time, but they will eventually need replacement. Some damage may only require slate roof repair to keep the structure’s optimal condition for years to come. If you have a slate roof, consider the helpful guide below to learn when you should repair or replace your slate roof. Read more

Killing Moss On Roof

How to Kill Moss on a Roof

Killing Moss On Roof

Roof Moss Is Not Your Friend

Some homeowners think patches of vibrant green moss on their roof is appealing. The bright color may complement the style of the house, giving it a warm and cozy aesthetic. Moss growing on roofs is worrisome, however, and it will need prompt removal. Read more

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

What Are the Best Types of Asphalt Roofing Shingles to Install in Lincoln, NE

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

A Closer Look At Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Your roof plays a crucial role in your home’s construction. It offers protection against the elements, and it enhances the appearance of the house’s exterior.

Asphalt roofing, is a popular residential option in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you intend to install or replace your roof with asphalt shingles, consider the guide below to learn more about this exceptional material, and call our professional Nelson Contracting roofers at (402) 464-2418 to schedule your roof replacement. Read more

Roof Dryer Vent Fire

How to Clean the Dryer Vent on a Roof

Roof Dryer Vent Fire

Cleaning Dryer Vents on Your Roof

Home maintenance is crucial for keeping the building and its features from degrading prematurely or becoming hazardous. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes neglect key maintenance steps like cleaning dryer vents on roofs until problems arise. Read more

Roof Color Brick Home

How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick House

Roof Color Brick Home

What Color Roof is Best for Brick Homes?

When it’s time to replace the roof on your brick house, you’ll need to consider everything from the type of shingles you want to the quality of the materials you will need. You will also need to think about which roof color will work best for your home, but determining a palette for a brick house can be challenging. Read more

Cedar Shake Roof Lifespan

How Long Does a Cedar Shake Roof Last

Cedar Shake Roof Lifespan

Cedar Shake Shingles Life Expectancy

Buildings throughout the world use cedar shakes to construct roofs with high-durability and a rustic appeal. Homeowners and business owners alike find the roofing material beneficial, and they are not incorrect; cedar shake roofing offers plenty of advantages. Read more

Replace Missing Shingles

How to Replace Missing Roof Shingles

Missing Shingles Roof

Missing shingles aren’t something you see every day, but when you notice some, you should replace them immediately. Bald spots on the roof make your home more vulnerable to pests and water damage. Learn how to replace missing roof shingles and keep your property safe year-round with these tips from Nelson Contracting.

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