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Quest Vinyl Siding: Top Options and Benefits

Quest vinyl siding from Mastic by Ply Gem® is one of the most sough-after siding solutions on the market today. It comes in an array of aesthetic styles with incredible features to withstand different weather conditions for years. Your trusted siding contractor in Lincoln, NE, Nelson Contracting, discusses this brand’s features and benefits further.

Vinyl Siding


Quest comes in many lap siding options to suit your design needs. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Double 4” – It’s the perfect choice if you desire the unmistakable charm of wood clapboard siding. It offers realistic shadow lines, creating an illusion that the panels actually overlap. Available in a bevy of exterior colors, it’s the ultimate choice for traditional homes.
  • Double 4.5” Dutch Lap – This option features truly overlapping panels with a shiplap joint. It has a distinctive flat face and cove, offering a narrower reveal line for greater visual interest. Its decorative groove enhances strength and lends your home deeper shadow lines. Unlike most Quest lap siding options, this type of vinyl siding in Lincoln, NE, comes in both gorgeous solid hues and lovely cedar woodgrain finishes.
  • Double 5” – It’s a step up from the Double 4”. It features the winning qualities of its smaller variation, only it offers a stronger shadow line.

Features and Benefits

You can rely on both the Double 4” and Double 4.5” Dutch Lap options for durability. They come with Hang-Tough™ Technology, making their panels resist impact, cracking, and thermal distortion under extreme temperature swings. They can also withstand wind speeds up to 240 mph. You can also request this siding in longer lengths for a nearly seamless look.

Thanks to the Duranyl 5000® Protection System, these types of siding, retain their vivid color against the harshest of elements. They deliver exceptional weatherability and never require painting.

Quest lap siding is also environmentally friendly. They’re crafted from readily available materials, minimizing the depletion of scarce natural resources. You can also have them recycled after the end of their service life. This way, you can reduce landfill waste.

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