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At Nelson Contracting LLC, we believe that details are essential. The tiniest of details can bring everything together, completing the whole image of your home or building. That’s why we are proud to offer siding solutions from Mastic. Mastic vinyl siding is a favorite for both homeowners and professionals due to its low maintenance and versatile qualities, which can be made to fit the style and design needs of any home. Nelson Contracting is the go-to siding company serving Lincoln and all surrounding areas.

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Types of Mastic Siding Available

Mastic offers a range of siding options, so home or business owners can be assured of finding the siding style to suit the design elements of their structure. Some of the Mastic siding options include:

  • Insulated Siding – The line of Structure siding from Mastic Home Exteriors offers an incredibly well engineered siding system. This siding home system not only provides superior insulation, but also provides the necessary durability you need to know that it will be a long-lasting product. Insulation can help cut down on the overall energy use of a home, thus increasing your home’s energy efficiency and saving you money. If you’re already going to install siding, why not get insulated siding?
  • Lap Siding – Lap siding is one of the most popular options chosen for covering homes. This is partly due to its strikingly easy installation process and its versatility in creating a personalized look. This type of siding features simplistic lines and an array of textures, colors, and even shadow lines to help create the individualized styles that homeowners desire. There are 13 different traditional Mastic lap siding products, and each can be fitted with different wood grain finish or smooth options.
  • Vertical Siding – Siding needs to be able to accommodate many different styles of homes, which is something vertical siding excels at. This type of siding features multiple dimensions and profiles, allowing it to be a perfect accent to the individual design of your home.
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Benefits of Mastic Siding

Siding made of vinyl, or even polymer, is preferable to siding made of wood, brick, fiber cement, or stucco materials because of the benefits that vinyl siding offers:

  • Gorgeous look
  • Durable
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Customizable – many color and texture options

These benefits or durability and low-maintenance mean that you as a homeowner will be able to spend less of your valuable time working on fixing up your home and more of your time relaxing and enjoying your home as a haven.

Vinyl siding can also be customized to look great. Mastic vinyl siding supports a variety of mastic siding colors colors suitable for any style of home. Color options depend on the type of siding you choose to go with and the finish. For example, lap siding with T-Lok Barkwood features a variety of classic rustic wood looks while vertical siding with the Board and Batten Designer Series features more contemporary colors.

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Mastic Siding Installation

Mastic Siding is designed to be installed by a qualified contractor – at Nelson Contracting LLC, we are proud to be a highly-qualified contractor with the experience and know-how to install your Mastic siding and help you improve your home.

To get a free siding inspection and replacement estimate, call Nelson Contracting LLC! We provide siding installation and other services for everyone within a 50-mile radius of Lincoln, NE.

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