Should I Have My Roof Inspected Annually?

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If you’re thinking about having your roof inspected, it’s well worth hiring a professional. For over 20 years, we have offered roof inspection services and have seen it all! From shady installations to unattended storm damage, we know what to look for.  When you’re ready, Nelson Contracting can help you too.

Why Is An Annual Roof Inspection Worth It?

It Saves You Money On Repairs.

Every year, your roof does an excellent job of keeping your belongings safe, dry, and protected, while weathering storms, snow, and heat. Most roofing materials will last ten years at the very least, but heavy weather can do damage before then.

An annual roof inspection can cost you between $200-$400 dollars, including some minor repairs. Once you’ve paid for it, it’s done, and you’re prepared for winter.

It’s Thorough.

Of course, you can easily do your own inspection with a quick look and a ladder if you’re brave, but it’s not as thorough as a professional inspection.

A professional roof inspection involves far more than a casual glance for obvious signs of damage. It’s a detailed, inch-by-inch inspection of shingles, gables, gutters, corners, and chimneys. The team will look at the vents and drainage system. They will also check the fascia boards for breakage, rotting, and curling. If water is collecting anywhere, they will tell you about it.

You can also pay a bit more for the team to inspect extras, such as your attic. It is a very wise choice. The idea of doing a full-fledged roof inspection on your own can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re afraid of heights! If you’re prone to clumsiness, it’s best to leave it to the professionals and stay safe on the ground.

Peace Of Mind

It’s a real investment in peace of mind, particularly if you know you’re in for heavy weather soon. Once it’s winter and you’re wrapped in blankets, it’s a terrible time to rediscover a bad roof leak from last year!

Help Your Roof Last

Professional annual roof inspections, and the minor maintenance that goes with it, can help prolong the life of your roof. If you think about the inconvenience and cost of a complete roof replacement, an annual inspection is obviously a wise choice.

It’s A Habit That Doesn’t Cost You Effort

Home maintenance is usually not at the top of most people’s to-do lists. It’s an inconvenient chore, only attended to once it becomes absolutely necessary. The trouble is, home maintenance costs can become an unpredictable, ill-timed, costly catastrophe if you don’t stay on top of it!

Investing in an annual roof inspection means that it’s done for you, every single year, and you don’t have to climb a ladder. One of the most essential parts of your home will be taken care of at a reasonable cost, rather than breaking the bank when it falls apart!

If you would like to book an annual roof inspection, contact Nelson Contracting at (402) 464-2418.

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