Signs of a Bad Roofing Job You Should Know About

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Replacing or installing a roof is an expensive project, but as with many things, you get what you pay for. Many people will shop around until they find the lowest quoted price possible, wanting to save money overall. The problem is that these companies usually offer that price for a reason; they will cut corners at every turn to minimize expenses, and the final result is a bad roofing job.

This process will leave clients with a roof that’s structurally unsound, leaky, and likely to fall apart in the first significant storm that comes along. Then you’ll have to call someone like Nelson Contracting on (402) 464-2418 to do expensive repairs or even a full roof replacement.

Things to Look for When You Suspect a Bad Roofing Job

If you suspect that you’ve been the victim of a bad roofing job, here are some signs you should look out for.

Uneven Roof Appearance

The most straightforward visual sign of a bad roofing job is a roof that isn’t uniform in appearance. Taking a proper look at your roof. You may notice that some shingles are a different color, that the roof sags in places or even that different materials have been used on one section of the roof.

All these factors signal a roofing job that has cut corners. Unscrupulous roofing contractors will save money by hiding low-quality materials in between your chosen ones. They may use lower-quality shingles in areas where you don’t often look. They will also do the job as quickly as possible, resulting in a roof that sags, and appears uneven.

Lack of drip edge flashing

A drip edge is installed on the margins to prevent water damage to your walls and roof. They also prevent insect infestations from spreading by protecting your home from the roof and attic. In some areas, drip edges are a requirement if you’re installing a shingle roof. Unscrupulous installers will save money by simply not putting this in, as many homeowners don’t even know what drip edge flashing is.

It’s easy enough to check if you have drip edge flashing or not simply with a visual inspection of your roof. If you notice that you have moisture concerns and damp in the walls, the lack of drip edge flashing may be to blame.

Re-use of old flashing

Roof flashing is a single-use product. If you redo your roof installation, your contractor will need to purchase and install new flashing. By re-using old roof flashing, you run the risk of leaks and water damage, as it can be difficult to spot damage on one area of flashing.

Improper shingle nailing

You may not expect it, but nailing techniques are an art-form in the roofing world. Improperly nailed shingles can come loose easily and offer very little protection. Some signs of inadequate shingle nailing include:

  • Rusty nails. Proper roofing nails are made with corrosion-resistant material such as galvanized or stainless steel which won’t rust, even when exposed to the elements.
  • Overdriven nails. Nails that are hammered in too hard will look sunken or buried in the shingle. This position exerts a lot of pressure on the shingle, which can cause it to break or crack, leading to leaky roof issues.
  • Improperly located nails. Nails should be applied evenly to ensure even pressure over the entire shingle.

If you suspect that your roofing job is less-than-ideal, give Nelson Contracting a call on (402) 464-2418. We’ll come out and inspect your roof for you. If we discover any problems, we’ll give you advice on repairs you can undertake to prevent these problems from escalating and getting worse.

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