4 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Siding Project on Schedule

As with any exterior home improvement, your siding project can go smooth sailing if you make the right choices. Make sound decisions right from the start and find out the factors that may delay this already time-consuming remodel.

Siding Project

As the premier provider of high-quality solutions for siding in Lincoln, NE, Nelson Contracting can share with you important tips to keep your project on schedule. Be it a repair or a replacement, remember the following to get the job finished on time:

Hire an Experienced Contractor

First off, tap the services of a professional. An experienced siding company will help you plan your project and set your expectations properly. Our experts can give you a clear idea how long the job would last based on your requirements. In addition, we can assist you with the local permits you need to secure.

Read the Contract

While your project’s contract couldn’t exactly guarantee how long the project would take, it would paint a picture how quickly it could be done. It details the work your contractor would perform and provides provisions about possible late completion dates.

Keep the Design Simple

Whether you choose fiber cement or quest vinyl siding, understand that the complexity of your siding design affects the project’s speed. Certain customizations may put the job on hold, and particular products may take a while to arrive.

Discuss the logistics with your contractor, or the availability of the type of siding you prefer. Choosing the right siding and roof colors combinations is just as important as the install. If you’re on a tight schedule, ask us about your best options that wouldn’t eat up too much time to install. We’ll be sure to address all your concerns

Don’t Wait for Winter

Mother Nature is the number one cause of delay in exterior improvements. In some cases, your contractor might be forced to move your home upgrade on a later date because of the rough weather. This is why it’s best to do your siding repair during the beginning of fall. That’s when the amount of precipitation heads south and winter is still weeks away.

No matter how ambitious your siding project is, leave the job to Nelson Contracting and enjoy the best home improvement experience. Call us now at (402) 464-2418 and let’s get your project started.

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