Brand Focus: Our Mastic Ovation Siding Options

Siding makes up most of your home’s exterior, which is why it is essential to be careful in choosing one. After all, it can affect your home’s curb appeal and its comfort. If you’re in the market for beautiful and energy-efficient siding, then you can count on Nelson Contracting to provide you with high-quality Quest vinyl siding.

Brand Focus

Here are the features of each of these options:

Ovation Triple 3”, Smooth

For historical restoration, this narrower traditional lap siding is the top choice. This can also serve as an accent panel similar to historic New England homes.

Ovation Double 4”

If you want to enhance your home’s historic appeal, then this option is ideal. It comes with a traditional woodgrain look, creating realistic shadow lines in overlapping panels.

Ovation Double 4.5” Dutch Lap

Its panels overlap with a shiplap joint. This siding, also comes with a flat surface and cover, creating a narrower reveal line, giving it a more vivid color. It also features a decorative channel for added strength and deeper shadow lines.

Ovation Double 5”

This is a great option if you’re looking to emphasize bold shadow lines. It does this while maintaining the traditional look of your home.

Ovation Single 6.5” Traditional Beaded

Its traditional bead is reminiscent of the historic homes of early American settlers. In addition, this siding’s traditional bead offers an authentic shadow line.

Our Mastic Ovation siding can come with Solar Defense reflective technology to preserve their beauty and durability from the sun’s UV rays. They also have Hang-Tough™ Technology that boosts the durability of the panels. This makes them more resistant to cracking and impact, assuring you of lasting performance.

Furthermore, they are made from natural materials and do not require painting or staining. This means less carbon emission and less use of natural resources, making them an eco-friendly product. Additionally, they come with the exclusive Snap Lock Hold™ Locking System so they can withstand strong winds for a long period. Our Mastic Ovation siding products also feature a broad color palette to complement your home’s exterior. Lastly, the vinyl material will assure you of a cozier home.

At Nelson Contracting, you can expect us to provide quality siding products and siding repair in Lincoln, NE. Call us today at (402) 464-2418 for more information about our siding options.

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