The Importance of Roof Cleaning in Omaha, NE

Roof Cleaning In Omaha

Roof cleaning probably doesn’t cross your mind often, if at all. You’ll remember to manicure your lawn, tend your garden, or pressure wash your driveway, but you likely won’t see the top of your roof enough to add cleaning it to your to-do list.

Yet, cleaning your roof regularly ensures its longevity and durability. If your roof has seen better days, contact Nelson Contracting for a free roof inspection. Read on to discover the importance of roof cleaning in Omaha, NE.

What Does Roof Cleaning Entail?

While you might want to take on roof cleaning alone, you should hire roofing professionals to do it instead. This task requires trained eyes, the industry’s best cleaning products, and specialized equipment. If you do it on your own with bleach and a garden hose, you might damage your roof and nullify your warranty.

Professional roof cleaners use products and tools that are safe for the environment and won’t damage your roof. These cleaning solutions prevent damage without violating your warranty’s conditions.

How Does Roof Cleaning Protect Your Home?

Lots of damage occurs over time. Most homeowners think of violent storms or falling branches when considering things that might damage their roofs. However, the main sources of damage develop slowly and incrementally. Professional roof cleaning & maintenance lessens the chances of such damage.

Wood Rot Prevention

Wood Rot Roof Debris

If your roof consists of wooden shingles, it is susceptible to problems like wood rot. Wood rot occurs when wooden shingles soak up too much water, which might not evaporate quickly during wet seasons.

You might not notice wood rot until you need a new roof. This type of damage leads to leaks and warped shingles. With regular roof cleaning services, you know whether your wood shingles remain in good condition. You also know that the solutions used to clean the shingles will prevent fungus from growing.

Damage Prevention

Organic debris can get caught in between the shingles. Wind and rain blow detritus such as twigs, dirt, and leaves over your rooftop. Some of these things get wedged between the shingles.

Since the crevices between shingles don’t get much sunlight or airflow, the organic debris decays. Once the decomposition process begins, it can erode your roofing materials. Cleaning services will dislodge the debris from your shingles, preventing erosion and decay.

Combat Growth of Algae, Lichens, Moss

In addition to causing decomposition, trapped organic debris attracts lichens, moss, and algae. Moss and algae thrive in shady conditions while feeding on organic matter. The shadier areas of your home are particularly vulnerable to such destructive growth.

You may not see these life forms until they’ve spread. Visible roof moss, algae, and lichens decrease your home’s curb appeal. They may also feed off of decaying shingles as they continue to flourish.

Roof cleaning effectively removes their food source while applying products that prevent further growth. Regular cleaning services ensure that your roof is an inhospitable environment for microorganisms.

Additional Steps You Can Take To Keep Gutters Clean

Steps You Can Take To Keep Gutters Clean

After you hire professional roof cleaners, you can take steps to keep your roof in good condition between each cleaning. You might already have some of these tasks on your to-do list. If you don’t, consider adding them to prolong your roof’s lifespan by a few extra years.

Remove Tree Branches

If you have any tall trees growing near your home, consider cutting them down. Tall trees might fall on your roof during a storm, causing extensive damage. They also shed damaging tree branches that may fall on your roof. Bark chips, twigs, and leaves will scatter, providing a food source for moss and lichens.

Periodically check your roof for large debris. A monthly check-up can make a world of difference. If you see any larger objects, remove them.

Clean Accumulated Debris

Take inventory of smaller debris that collects on your rooftop every few months. If possible, remove it to prevent decay. In particular, check for clusters of leaves in corners or gable peaks.

Clean the Gutters

Clean The Gutters

While most people don’t want to spend their weekends cleaning the gutters, doing so prevents lots of damage. During rainstorms, detritus needs somewhere to flow with the water. Clogged gutters increase the potential for water damage and decaying matter spreading across your roof.

Contact Nelson Contracting for Damage Repair

If your roof is damaged from debris and needs to be repaired, or completely replaced, count on Nelson Contracting. We provide outstanding roof repair services in Omaha, NE. Call us at (402) 464-2418 to schedule your free estimate today.

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