How to Kill Moss on a Roof

Killing Moss On Roof

Roof Moss Is Not Your Friend

Some homeowners think patches of vibrant green moss on their roof is appealing. The bright color may complement the style of the house, giving it a warm and cozy aesthetic. Moss growing on roofs is worrisome, however, and it will need prompt removal.

You may have concerns about how to kill moss on roofs, and our team is here to help. After consulting the guide below, contact Nelson Contracting at (402) 464-2418 for a roof inspection.

Why Moss Grows on Roofs

Moss Growing On Roof

Moss is a plant variety that does not absorb water and nutrients from its roots because it has a minimal root system. Instead, the plant receives water through its leaves.

These plants prefer damp environments to feed and grow. If you see fuzzy green vegetation on top of your shingles, your roof likely has enough moisture for the moss to thrive.

Moss grows on roof-tops because their tiny reproductive spores are airborne and will float in the wind until they land on a favorable surface. Wildlife, such as birds and squirrels, can also contact the spores and carry them onto a roof when they scurry or fly over a house.

Problems With Moss on Roofs

Moss growth does not only affect the way a roof looks—it can also damage the entire structure. Moss needs water to grow, but moisture is detrimental to roofing shingles, tiles, shakes, and the supporting structures underneath. Too much moisture could lead to wood rot, interior water damage, and premature deterioration of the roofing materials.

Rooftop moss can wreak havoc during any season. Spring and summer rainfall will cause the plant to grow and multiply quickly. When the temperatures drop in the fall and winter, the moss’s excess moisture can produce frost, affecting roofing materials differently. Frost will:

  • Cause fiber damage to wood shakes
  • Crack tiles when the water freezes and expands
  • Eliminate UV-protective granules from composite shingles

Types of Roofs Affected by Moss

Moss will degrade any roofing material over time. It is most common on wood roofs and asphalt shingles because it can easily grip the material’s surface. Metal roofs are the most resistant to moss.

How to Eliminate Moss on a Roof

Even if you think moss is visually appealing on roofs, you should quickly address the issue to avoid costly roof repair. Here is a quick guide on how to kill moss on roofs.

Step One

Gather necessary equipment like a stable ladder, scrub brush, water hose, and slip-resistant shoes. Removing moss is a messy process, so it is best to wear old clothes and gloves for protection.

Step Two

Clear away all moss using a soft-bristled brush or a hose to strip the plant off the roof safely. Work in small sections, and take care not to be too rough on the shingles, tiles, or shakes.

Step Three

Apply a cleaning solution to the treated areas to prevent further growth. This method is also beneficial for moss growth that a scrub brush can’t remove without damaging the roof. You can use a store-bought moss killing solution or mix one part water to one part laundry-strength bleach.

Allow the solution to soak on the roof for up to 20 minutes before rinsing well with a low-pressure hose.

How to Prevent Moss from Growing

You can prevent moss from taking root on your roof by ensuring your house’s exterior stays dry. To accomplish this task, trim away all tree branches that hang over your home, allowing more sunlight to hit the roof.

You should also regularly remove any debris that falls on your roof. Leaves and twigs can carry moss spores – just like the wind – so cleaning the roof will reduce moss’s chance to grow.

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