Fireproof Roof: A Closer Look At Fire Resistant Roof Materials


Fireproof roof

For the right materials to make your roof fire-resistant, the Nelson Contracting team in Lincoln, NE, can get you started.

Your roof has all the conditions for a fire to break out and spread quickly, making it a dangerous hotspot. Luckily, there are ways you can ensure a fire-resistant roof by using the proper fireproofing material. Three classes measure fire resistance level: Class A, which means it takes the roof about two or more hours to ignite; Class B, about one hour; and Class C, around 20 minutes.

Your risk for a roof fire in Lincoln, NE, is just as high as anywhere, as the building material is what makes the difference. The Nelson Contracting professionals know what you need and can set you up with the perfect fire-resistant roofing material. Just call Nelson Contracting roofers at (402) 810-8931.

Why You Should Install a Fire Resistant Roofing Material

According to Brava Tile, house fires occur every 93 seconds, and most of these start within the home. The most important thing for a homeowner to do is to prevent these fires from happening. Some fires can begin outside the home, then make their way in when the wind picks up, blowing embers onto your roof.

Things like chimney blockage, improper wiring, and vegetation are some of the leading causes of roof fires. When the chimney can’t carry smoke and the rising heat out, a chimney fire can happen. Utilizing things like flue tiles ensures that heat and smoke exit the top of the chimney properly. If not properly ventilated, the heat can enter the attic and cause a roof fire.

Another strong contender for these kinds of hazardous situations is fire-prone roofing material. Things like untreated wood shingles and specific chemical treatments in tandem can create a low Class C fire rating.

The Best Material For a Fire-Resistant Roof

A roof properly implemented with fireproof material could save you a lot of hassle in the long run if you find yourself faced with a dire situation. Using these fire-resistant roofing materials is a great way to ensure you avoid any future roof fires.

Synthetic Roofing Tile

As one on the fastest rising roofing materials, synthetic roof tiles generally come with a Class A fire rating. Synthetic Roofing combines the highest rated fire protection offered in the industry, a large selection of styles and colors that complement your taste, along with low maintenance requirements and easy installation.


The materials in concrete—clay, gypsum, and limestone—are all non-combustible, making this roofing material fit for either Class B or Class A fire code ratings. While concrete solves the flammability problem, you’ll want to ensure proper installation and that any cracks or crevices are covered. If any sparks reach the wooden substructure, a roof fire can start. That’s why professionals recommend regular maintenance for this kind of material.

Treated Wood

You can still have a classic wood look to your roof without running the risk of it being extremely flammable. Some clapboards and shingles come with fire-retardant chemicals that will render the wood treated and adequately fireproofed.

Metal Shingles

Much lighter than concrete, metal roofing shingles are just as fire-resistant and are available in different colors and designs. According to Bob Vila, metal shingles are environmentally friendly fire-resistant roof materials and can be recycled indefinitely. Metal roofing can also save you quite a bit on monthly heating and cooling costs due to the reflective material bouncing the sun’s rays off your roof.


Slate roofs are not only incredibly durable, but also a very fire-resistant roofing material. Like concrete, slate is a heavier material that may require a bit of reconstruction to hold the weight sufficiently.


Typically able to last two hours in a fire before igniting, asphalt is the most common roofing material on the market, thanks to its overall reliability and versatility. If you want the best of what asphalt shingles have to offer, consider installing either 3-tab shingles, dimensional shingles, or even luxury shingles—each comes with unique benefits.

Nelson Contracting in Lincoln, NE, can handle all your roof fireproofing needs. Just give us a call at (402) 810-8931 to see what fire-resistant roof materials we have for you.


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