Metal Roofs by Metal Sales Inc

There are all kinds of materials used for roofing: asphalt, wood, metal, and many more. Each material has its own pros and cons, but metal is one of the most notable roofing materials. There are a lot of benefits to utilizing metal roofs, but first you need a quality metal roofing company to perform the installment.

At Nelson Contracting LLC, we are proud to offer metal roofing in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding area using Metal Sales Inc. products.

metal roof replacement company

metal roof replacement

What Metal Roofs Are Made of

Metal roofs are usually a composite of metals. Most often, they are made of steel or aluminum, with components of copper, zinc, or titanium added in. Steel is the most preferable metal because it is the lightest metal that still ensures longevity. The metal roofs by Metal Sales Inc. are made of 30% recycled steel.

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Benefits of Metal Roofs in Lincoln, Nebraska and the Surrounding Areas

Here are some of the major benefits of metal roofing in Lincoln, NE:

  • Sustainable –Metal roofs have been improved by new technology that helps enhance the sustainability of the roof in both rural and urban use. Future generations can enjoy these products for years to come.
  • Long Lifespan – Compared to other roofing products and options (such as asphalt shingles or wood shingles), metal roofing lasts significantly longer. A properly installed metal roof will last as long as the building itself. These roofs easily seal out water and hold strong against high wind conditions. They can also make it easier for snow to slide off the roof. However hail can cause damage. This long lifespan ensures that a metal roof is both an environmentally and financially efficient investment.
  • Low Maintenance – Metal has the incredible benefit of being able to resist mildew, insects, and fire. While other materials begin to degrade as soon as they are exposed to normal weather conditions, metal will stay strong.
  • Suitable for Any Structural and Design Needs  – The variety of roofs available for commercial, agricultural, and residential use can fit any requirements thrown at them.
  • Commercial – With commercial roofing, specific designs objectives as well as building standards or codes usually need to be met. Metal roofs possess the ability to be diverse in design while also maintaining their sustainability and functionality. Some examples of commercial buildings that metal roofing is perfect for include: hotels, hospitals, offices, schools, stadiums, churches, retail centers, and more.
  • Agricultural – Our metal roofing installation also covers the country’s rural buildings. The agricultural community is always growing, but our quickly installed roofs are prepared to keep up.
  • Residential – Ensuring the most value out of your home investment is crucial to any homeowner; a long-lasting roof will help you achieve that.
  • Recyclable – Recycling and lessening one’s environmental impact is something more home and building owners are increasingly interested in. With metal roofs, it’s easier to be environmentally friendly! These roofs can be recycled without any complications and turned back into the highest quality metal.
  • Energy Conserving – Our metal roofing colors are celebrated for their sun and heat reflecting abilities. This helps dramatically decrease the building’s roof surface temperature and interior cooling demand. This leads to lower electricity bills and a happier customer.

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Metal roofing is well worth the cost, and more people are enjoying the benefits of its durability and recyclability every day. To get a free roof inspection and estimate, call Nelson Roofing! We service Lincoln, NE and all properties within a 50-mile radius.