Brava Roof Tile in Nebraska


Many home and property owners in Nebraska are increasingly aware of how wasteful and non-earth-friendly traditional roofing solutions can be. The good news is, a revolutionary product made from recycle plastics is now the front runner for roofing homes and businesses throughout the USA.

If you are needing to replace your roof in the Lincoln, Omaha, NE area, and have been worried about this issue, we here at Nelson Contracting LLC have a solution for you: Brava Roof Tile.

Brava Roof Tile Nebraska


Brava Roof Tile is a manufacturer that prides itself on producing authentic looking roofing materials from recycled products.


To create their earth-friendly roofing solutions, Brava takes plastics and other materials destined for a landfill and transforms them into durable and beautiful roofing tiles.

Colored Throughout

Brava utilizes their patented multi-coloring method on their tiles to create the authentic look. Each tile has coloration all the way through, which means the color won’t chip off over time. The coloration process also enables them to produce tiles of all colors.

Unsurpassed Durability

Besides an authentic look, they have also mastered durability and effectiveness as well.

Brava’s tiles are so durable that they have achieved 3rd party certifications for the highest levels of fire, wind, and hail resistance. Their materials are also backed by a stunning 50-year limited warranty.

Ultra Lightweight

Finally, Brava has also mastered creating their materials to be lightweight. Unlike their traditional counterparts, Brava roof tiles can be installed on any roof and require no expensive structural modifications or tools. Brava’s lightweight roofing materials are changing the way we approach roof replacements.


Brava Roof Tile has created a variety of synthetic roof tiles and composite roofing systems that:

  • Look beautiful
  • Attain the same appearance as favorite traditional roofing materials
  • Cost less than many traditional options
  • Last longer than traditional roofing
  • Achieve better durability than traditional materials
  • Are lighter weight than traditional materials
  • Come in a wide variety of colors
  • Are not only made from recycled materials, but are themselves recyclable as well

Brava’s composite roofs are the best, most convincing alternative to traditional favorites like cedar shake, natural slate, and Spanish clay tiles.

Brava Roof Tile Types

Do you long for beautiful, traditional roofing but have concerns about the impact on the environment – and your wallet – that installing it may have.

Brava offers three composite roofing systems that look just as great, if not better, than three traditional favorites:

  • Brava Old World Slate – Synthetic Slate Roof Tile: Longing for the beauty, elegance, and durability of natural slate roofing tile? Brava’s Old World Slate tile provides the look and function of slate, but with the benefits of composite materials. This means it is more eco-friendly and significantly cheaper than real slate.
  • Brava Shake – Synthetic Cedar Shake: Looking for the cozy, old-country look of cedar shakes? Brava’s Shake will provide the same warm, rustic look but have more durability. It can even imitate the split texture of natural wood – no one will know the difference!
  • Brava Barrel Tile – Composite Spanish Roof Tile: Dreaming of that classic Spanish style tile? Brava’s Barrel Tile will achieve that same, unique Spanish look but will weigh far less and be far more durable.

For all of Brava’s roofing solutions, they offer a 50-year limited warranty and an enormous variety of color and custom options.  All their roofs have a Class 4 impact rating and are available in Class A and Class C fire rating.

You will not find a more convincing, durable and affordable option than Brava’s earth-friendly composite roofing systems.  

Fireproof roof


At Nelson Contracting, we are very proud to offer and install Brava synthetic roof tiles and roofing systems. We service Lincoln and the surrounding areas within a 50-mile radius and would be happy to come out to provide you with a free roof inspection and estimate for your composite roof!

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