TPO Roofing in Lincoln & Omaha, NE

Many different types of commercial roofing materials are available in Lincoln & Omaha, NE. One of the most common and durable is thermoplastic polyolefin, also known as TPO roofing.

Just using the best material for your roof isn’t enough, though. You need to hire a commercial roofing company that understands how to best work with TPO roofs to give you the quality performance and protection you deserve on your building. Before we talk about the experience Nelson Contracting can bring to your roof repair or installation, let’s look at why a TPO roof might be the best choice for you.

Tpo Roofing Lincoln And Omaha Ne

Why choose a TPO roof

Installing a new roof on your building isn’t as simple as just putting your chosen roof material down over your existing roof. Your new roof needs to offer protection and improve the energy efficiency of your building. For this to happen, the roof must be installed properly.

Our roof installations come at a competitive price when compared to others in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. We use state-of-the-art materials and techniques to give you the most efficiency and durability possible.

A TPO roofing company must have the qualifications to do the job properly, or you won’t get the results you deserve.

A well-installed or repaired TPO roof will last for well over three decades, or possibly even longer. This is, in large part, thanks to the TPO material itself. This type of roof is extremely durable, giving your building a higher amount of resistance to wind, temperature, and puncture damage. This is due to the flexibility of TPO. It is a roofing material that bends but does not break under normal conditions.

Why Choose Tpo Roofing In Nebraska


Even with the impressive durability of TPO, events can lead to repairs being necessary on your existing TPO roof. Severe weather events can sometimes cause damage. However, if your TPO roof is leaking, the most likely cause is problems with the installation of your roof.

Poor installation can lead to severe leaking, and poorly installed flashing on your roof can not only cause leakage problems but also shorten the life of your roof.

Your building’s roof is a significant investment, and you should get the maximum length of life from that investment that you can reasonably expect.

As a TPO roofing company serving Lincoln & Omaha, NE, Nelson Contracting can professionally repair your roof, no matter what size your building is. We know how frustrating it can be to see your roof leaking, and we have the training and staff to fix your roof the right way. Our repairs are fast, effective, and of the highest quality, helping to ensure you’ll get the most value from your roof before needing a new one.

Tpo Roof Repair


For years, Nelson Contracting has had real-world experience helping companies just like yours with the roofing solution they need.

It doesn’t matter if you have one small building, a large manufacturing plant, or even several buildings that all need a new roof. We can help make the process easy, as inexpensive as possible, and professional enough to last for decades.

Our goal is to install your roof, and then return at the end of its lifespan to replace it. We hold our team to the highest standards and settle for nothing less than the best commercial roof installation procedures and materials in the industry.

Work with us if your company is in the construction phase of a new building or is making plans for the construction of a new building. Our team at Nelson Contracting has the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to make sure your job is done correctly. We will make sure you get the roof you deserve while also staying within your budget.

Although we are based in Lincoln, our roofing experts can serve other areas of the state. If you are looking for a trustworthy TPO roofing company, your search ends here.

Don’t let an inexperienced roofer put your business, assets, and employees at risk. Work with the experts at Nelson Contracting! Contact us today for a free roof inspection and estimate.

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