Modified Bitumen Roofing in Lincoln & Omaha, NE

When it comes time to get a new commercial roof in Lincoln or Omaha, you may see a wide range of materials from which to choose. From “tried and true” materials to newer advancements, it can leave you a bit confused.

While newer advancements in roofing can give you a good, quality roof, some buildings and situations are better suited to a more traditional approach. One such material is modified bitumen. At Nelson Contracting, we specialize in Mod-Bit roofing as well as many other commercial roofing systems available in Lincoln & Omaha.


This roofing material first came into widespread use in the United States around 1975.

Mod-bitumen comes from the manufacturer in a roll, combined with other materials to reinforce it, and then is installed in two layers.

There are two different kinds of modified bitumen membranes available on the market. The first is known as APP. It is applied to a roof with the use of heat, usually by being heat-welded or adhered to the roof with a torch. This type of mod-bitumen has the potential to cause a fire hazard, especially when installed by a mod-bitumen roofing company that doesn’t have the experience and knowledge to install it properly.

The second type of MB material is known as SBS. This is installed with hot asphalt or cold adhesive. In fact, there are versions of SBS that are ready to apply when they’re received thanks to a self-adhesive backing that’s placed on the material during the manufacturing process.


This roofing material has withstood the test of time. With over forty years of use in America, mod-bitumen is a proven roofing solution. It usually offers a lengthy warranty period due to its well-known resistance to punctures and other damage.

Even with these advantages, no roof is guaranteed to be problem-free for its entire life. If you find that you need modified bitumen roof repair in Lincoln or Omaha, NE, make sure you go with the roofing experts at Nelson Contracting. Our team has experience and training to repair it quickly and efficiently. We work to prevent the problem from happening again.

It’s Easy to Match Your Existing Roof

One feature of this roofing material is that it can match almost any color shingle you want it to. It will do that while matching the composition as well. This means that modified-bitumen can be used to repair or replace your current roof with no noticeable difference.

This has made mod-bitumen a favorite product for use on both commercial and residential buildings, especially when there’s only a need for new roofing on a smaller area.

This type of roofing has been in use for decades for good reason. Its durability, ease-of-installation, and the ability to match existing roofing materials have made it the go-to choice for many contractors in a variety of situations.


For years, Nelson Contracting has had real-world experience helping commercial property owners just like you with the roofing solution they need.

It doesn’t matter if you need a new roof for a small home, a large manufacturing plant, or even several buildings. We can help make the process easy, as inexpensive as possible, and will provide a sturdy roof to last for decades.

We hope only to see your roof twice: when we install it and decades later when we replace it. We hold our team to the highest standards and settle for nothing less than the best commercial roof installation procedures and materials in the industry.

It doesn’t matter if you are about to start construction of a new building or are simply considering your company’s options. The professionals at Nelson Contracting can help you get a new roof that protects your building, assets, and employees. We will get the job done to your satisfaction, giving professional service every step of the way.

While we have offices in Lincoln and Omaha, Nelson Contracting operates in many other towns across Nebraska. Even if you are outside of our service area, we can help you find a reliable Mod-bitumen roofing company near you.

Your roof is a serious investment that needs professional installation. Work with Nelson Contracting to ensure the job is done right!

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