When you want the classic look of slate shingles without the cost and maintenance, F-Wave REVIA™ Designer Slate can give your Nebraska home timeless curb appeal that’s built to last.  F-Wave’s durable and lightweight shingles don’t suffer from the same granule loss and weather damage that designer asphalt shingles do, which means a strong ROI and years of great looking curb appeal.

  • Ultra-dimensional look of real slate
  • Tough single-piece construction (No delaminated layers or adhesive failures)
  • Resistant to cracking and fading (with warranted coverage)
  • No granules. No asphalt.
  • Class 4 hail rated (with warranted coverage)
  • 130-mph wind rated
  • Class A fire rated
  • Solid ROI, includes potential insurance savings and increased home value

REVIA Designer Slate

F-Wave Designer Slate Synthetic Shingles

Curb Appeal

REVIA Designer Slate shingles look just like real stone and offers the same degree of beauty and curb-appeal as premium slate tiles with a fraction of the weight and cost — without sacrificing style. Coverage is comparable to natural slate tile, and durability is unmatched.


REVIA Designer Slate shingles are the result of years of research and development by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roofing materials. They’ve created a premium slate-style shingle with all the advantages you would expect from a traditional slate roof.


“REVIA shingles outperform high-end asphalt shingles and have the high-style great looks that will increase your home’s value the day they are installed. “

Save Time & Money

By installing a new F-Wave slate shingles, you’ll be saving time and money in the long run. You may also qualify for reduced home insurance premiums or lower deductibles due to your increased level of protection against weather-related events!

Make your roof the envy of the neighborhood with REVIA Designer Slate shingles. From durability to design, we’ve got you covered! Contact Nelson Contracting of Lincoln, NE today for a free installation estimate.